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10 Different Dog Behaviors Explained

(Last Updated On: 21/04/2017)

Different Dog Behaviors Explained

Like any other domestic animal, dog behavior is influenced by its breed, situation and social and environmental difference. Dogs are very intelligent animals and with proper dog training they are very loyal to the owner. They can learn many words and can recall them after up to 4 weeks after last exposure.

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Dogs show many emotions consistently like playfulness, fear, curiosity, chase proneness, aggressiveness and sometimes shyness/boldness. Dogs, like their wild counterpart, interact in hierarchy and that is what makes them loyal and social. Whenever a dog is left alone, it starts barking or howling. This separation anxiety can be overcome by training in early age.

The responsibility of an owner in the dog behavior

Dogs are active in the morning at sunrise and in the evening at sunset and during those hours they start barking. They might rest at any other time of the day and night. Due to day to day human-dog encounters, dog attacks on humans have become a problem. Dog attack mostly depends on the breed and owner-dog relationship. Dogs engage in play with each other from young age. It mostly consists of mock fights. The strangest thing about dogs is that they chase their own tail. There is no solid explanation of this act but some research has led to the conclusion that it happens when a dog experiences an increase in activity of hormones tied to the fight or flight response. A dog behavior is also the reflection of its human owner’s nature.

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