Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information and Other Breed Details

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

This dog breed belongs to Germany. Tail docking and ear cropping is most common feature of this dog breed. This dog is aggressive yet a very good pet. The most common use of this dog is in the fields of security and law enforcement etc. This dog is intelligent and has smart physical features.

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Life Span of Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Doberman Pinscher lives around 10 years of age.

Body size

Doberman are medium size dogs with a broad chest. Height is equal to length that gives them a square appearance.

They are not very muscular but have a well shaped body (not weak).

The male Doberman is around 25-28 inches high while females are around 25 inches maximum. The weight of male Doberman is 35-45 KGs while females are 27-41 KGs



Doberman has very short coat.


Doberman could be in black, red, blue or fawn colors. The tan or rust is prominent by marking different parts of body (above eyes, neck, chest, inner ears, legs and under tail)


Ear cropping for Doberman is also very common. They have medium sized ears hanging downwards. Ear cropping is done for better sound localization of guard dogs.


Doberman has long thin tail which is usually docked at early ages.

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Temperament of Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Doberman Pinscher is a highly intelligent dog. They are guard dogs, police dogs, family dogs or used in therapy. They need proper obedience training otherwise they could be very aggressive. They need a pack leader in order to remain well-behaved. They are loving and protective towards the family. But they have no mercy for strangers.

Doberman could be house trained just like any other dog. They are lovely pets other than just guard dogs. The activity level is high and they are very challenging to keep in control.

Doberman love to sleep by the side of their owners. They love to be a lap dog. They also do well with children.

A properly trained Doberman is a sweetheart that will always protect the family.


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