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Do cats have periods?

(Last Updated On: 06/12/2017)

Do cats have periods?

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                    Do cats get their period

We often get confuse with the fact that do cats get their periods? But which haven’t been spayed, do cats have periods but not like humans. Do female cats bleed? they don’t bleed, instead they have heat cycles which are also called “Estrus”. Estrus or Heat Cycle start coming once the female cat is ready for reproducing, this usually make many people question that do cats get periods or do animals have periods?. The maturity age for reproducing varies, some cats can start having heat cycle at the age of 6 months whereas some don’t get cat periods until they are 10 months old.

Once the heat cycle starts, the cat will start rolling on the floor and her behavior will change. We have already discussed about this in a different article “How Long Do Cats Stay in Heat” or “do cats bleed in heat”?

If your cat is bleeding from the vagina area, call your veterinarian ASAP. She might have had a miscarriage or something else might be wrong with the cat.

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