Diseases in Pets: symptoms, causes and treatment

Dog Drooling Problems

dog drooling

All dogs slobber and drool. Dog panting and drooling is often considered a very normal behavior. But sometimes dogs start drooling suddenly. What are the drooling causes and how dog mouth infections, rabies in dogs, parvo in puppies etc are some big reasons behind the abnormal drooling. Dogs feeling lethargic and dogs having heat strokes […]

Pork Roundworm Infection in Dogs

pork roundworm infection in dogs

The Pork Roundworm Infection in Dogs Pork Roundworm infection in dogs is also known as Trichinosis. This parasitic infection is found in pigs and it can be easily transferred within humans and dogs. The parasite is called Trichinella spiralis. T. spiralis, and in simple language it is called the pork worm. A dog or a […]

Infectious Canine hepatitis

The Infectious Canine Hepatitis One of the contagious liver infections among dogs is the Infectious Canine hepatitis. This liver infection is caused by adenovirus type-1 and is common in the canine family which includes domestic dogs and wolves.  This disease is very common in the world however it is very uncommon in those places and […]

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