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Corn Snakes Housing

(Last Updated On: 19/05/2017)

Corn Snakes Housing

Corn Snakes loves escaping from their enclosure and so it is important that the owner makes Corn Snakes housing complete escape proof tank, there should be no holes or spaces as these snakes can squeeze themselves out.Their housing must be in a tank which can accommodate 20 gallons of water. It should have secured top with lock system so that the snake cannot escape from their enclosure.corn snake housing 1 300x225 - Corn Snakes Housing

Corn Snakes must be given a natural environment in their enclosure; few potted plants might help in providing the natural habitat along with humidity in the captivity. There should be artificial wood logs present in them and other spaces where it can hide with ease.

For the flooring, one can use pine wood chips, Reptile carpets, and playing sand. The enclosure must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove all dirt floorings and then provide a new one. This will avoid fungus and other bacteria to spread in the enclosure.

For maintaining the temperature in the Corn Snakes housing, basking light or heating pads can be used. The basking light must be placed outside the tank and it should be set on one side of the tank while the other side must be kept in normal conditions. Thermometers must be adjusted on both sides to monitor temperature, when the snake wants heat it can go to the basking area, and to escape the heat he can go to the cooler region of the enclosure. Heating pads can be used in the similar way. They must be placed under the tank and in half area only. The average temperature in which they can survive are 75F to 85F.

corn snake housing 2 300x225 - Corn Snakes Housing

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