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How to Tell the Gender of a Conure in 3 Simple Steps

(Last Updated On: 15/04/2017)

Conures Gender Identification in 3 Simple Steps

Conures are monomorphic by nature. This means female Conures depict the same features and characteristics as male Conures do thus it quite difficult to identify the Conure gender. This should not be of much importance to owners who do not wish to breed their birds, since the characteristics in their pet will not differ by gender, but is highly important for breeders to determine the sex of their bird so they are able to find an appropriate pair.

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DNA Sexing Test

A very famous technique to determine the sex of a bird is DNA Testing. This test is carried out by either drawing a little blood (2-3 drops), which can be done by slightly clipping the toe nail beyond the vein, or by plucking a few feathers from the chest area, which is not a painful. The samples are sent to a lab and DNA from the samples is used to determine the gender of the bird. This is highly accurate and safe, thus recommended.

Medical Examination of the Pelvic Bone

Some researchers have concluded that sex for a Conure can merely be determined by feeling the pelvic bones and there is no need for time consuming tests. According to this technique, one has to lay the Conure on its back and try to feel the pelvic bones that are just above the legs. If it is felt that bones are very close to each other and almost touching each other, the Conure is a male, and if they are far apart and not close enough, the Conure is a female.

Care needs to be taken to not harm the bird, and it is possible that many owners be not able to properly distinguish the sex through medical examination. A practicing vet should be consulted for Conure gender identification.

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Gender Determination for Jenday Conure

Jenday is a very devoted, loving and caring Conure and makes it up a demanding pet. It breeds quite readily in caged atmosphere. Both male and female Jenday Conures look almost identically the same however, there are some differences that, when closely observed, can tell whether the bird is male or a female. The eye color of a female Jenday Conure is light brown and her eye lid is featherless and appears to be greyish white. On the other hand the male Jenday Conure has a pure white eye ring with a dark iris. Another thing to remember is that males weigh slightly less than females in this particular specie.

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