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Grooming a Conure Parrot in 3 Simple Steps

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Conure Grooming Explained in 3 Simple Steps

Part of owning a Conure is grooming it. Unlike other pets such as cats and dogs, Conure grooming does not involve blow dry and shampoo, but instead it means keeping its nails trimmed, wings clipped and making sure that Conure’s beak is in good shape. It is highly recommended to take lessons from experts before attempting to groom a Conure. Avian vets are happy to aid in this process. Without lessons birds can get injured.

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Grooming is needed for the following body parts:

1. Beak

2. Nails

3. Wings

Beak Grooming

Generally, Conure beaks don’t require grooming because the natural wear and tear that the Conure puts on its beak throughout the day during climbing, feeding, playing etc is enough to keep it in good shape. Sometimes the physical deformity of the Conure makes it difficult for it to self-care its beak. Hard foods, chewable toys and enough play time involving the beak should be provided to make sure the beak remains in good shape.

Nail Grooming

Long toe nails can cause pain while walking and perching. They get caught on toys, carpets and cages resulting in a broken to and long toe nails can also curl in awkward positions causing further pain. Inside every Conure’s toe nails is a blood supply known as ‘quick’. Different Conures have different quick lengths, if accidentally it is cut, styptic powder will stop the bleeding.

Trimming Conure’s nails is a simple procedure provided a person has complete knowledge of what he is doing and has a firm bird holder or other safe restraint technique; it is a simple procedure once for those who get used to it. A proper and appropriate cutting device is required for this procedure called Dremel. Human nail trimmers might work for smaller Conures while pet nail trimmers are required for larger ones. The cutting implements should be sharp and free from rust. Styptic powder should be also kept handy for emergency cuts and bleeding.

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Bathing is essential for hygiene and birds normally love to take baths on their own. All they need is a bowl of water and they will easily dip themselves in it and voila! They also like sprays of lukewarm water. After bathing they carefully preen their entire bodies and lubricate their feathers by excreting oil.

Wing Grooming

Trimming of Conure’s wings is an essential part of Conure grooming. It is very important for the safety of a Conure. Majority of ‘lost Conure’ reports come from owners who have never clipped their bird’s wings. A full flight bird in the household is highly prone to injuries of head, wings and legs due to crashing into walls and ceiling fans.

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