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Collie as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Collie Dog Breed

Collie dogs are medium size dogs. They can be easily kept indoors as they go along well after house training. They are good learners so there are no chances of having much problems related to training.

Life Span of Collie

The average life span is around 15 years.

Body Size

These dogs have athletic bodies. They have average height of 26-27 inches for males whereas females are few inches shorter. The weight is around 35 KGs maximum for males and 30 KGs maximum for females.

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They are found in three colors along with specific pattern. Sable and white are most common. Sable color ranges from dark tan to light golden version. White, black and tan appears as tri-colors coat.  Mottled gray pattern along with white is another color found in this dog breed.


These dogs contain a double coat over the body. Inner coat is thick, short and soft. The outer coat is long. The neck has extra covering of rough coat. The legs are also covered with extra length of hair falling down all over them. Similarly the back area contains very lengthy coat.


They have a face similar to fox. The muzzle area is round and nose is dark in color. The facial area is smooth and plain. Eyes are almond shaped and medium sized. Eye color is usually dark brown.


The ears of are semi-prick, hanging towards the sides of head. There is a fair distance between ears leaving the forehead plain and wide.18157625 632074560321727 6076247327512072648 n 1 400x476 - Collie as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

Temperament of Collie Dogs

They are best family dogs because they are so much involved in their family emotionally. Collie are very protective and keep their owners secure by standing by their side all the time. This dog has an ability to read minds and act accordingly. They are capable of acting according to the specific routine of their family. They are active and quick and also keep eye on matters of house.

They are active and require daily outdoor activities as well. Although they are extrovert but they tend to stay around the house if ever go outside and not wander around much.

These dogs are careful and active and they tend to be good watch dogs. They also have those natural herding instincts, so other animals at house should be kept safe from Collie’s constant contact.

They are very communicative, either with their expressions or with their bark.

These dogs should be provided all the love and attention they deserve, because they give a lot to their owners. If brought up in a good active and loving environment, this dog will never pick any bad habits. Proper training is required and they are very good learners too. All these factors make them perfect for any household.

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