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Cockatoos parrot

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Cockatoos were first named Kaka-tua by the Indonesians; Kaka meaning “parrot” and tua meaning “elder sister”. These parrots comprise of 21 species and belong to the family of Cacatuidae birds. They can be found at large in specific Australian and Asian regions, including Eastern Islands of Indonesia, Philippines, Islands of Wallacea, Australia and Solomon Islands.

Cockatoo parrots are gorgeous birds mostly known for their long and erectile crest which is found in different colors varying from specie to specie. Other then beauty these birds also possess high intelligence levels which can be compared to that of a two year old toddler, moreover some species also have the ability to talk well. A few possess rare traits such as standing on one foot while picking up objects with the other; this in quite uncommon in parrots. Furthermore these birds are highly affectionate and loyal.

Life Span of a Cockatoo parrot

It is important to note that the lifetime of a bird majorly depends on the type of caretakers it has. If the environment is hygienic and friendly providing ample amounts of exercise and of course love, a Cockatoo parrots can live a long happy life, being safe from many diseases. Cockatoo parrots can live for as long as 80 healthy years but the average age is 40.

Physical Description

Physicality of these parrots vary from breed to breed of the specie but overall these birds are of a larger size then normal parrots which ranges from 11 to 30 inches.

What makes these birds distinguishing and royal is the presence of a long and gorgeous crest that not only makes them appealing but also depicts their mood by its movement. The color of the crest can vary from pink to white in different species while it can also be of a unique multicolor.

Cockatoo breeds have beautiful colors that are usually: White, off-white, grey, black and light pink, with slight spotting on the underside of the tail and wings.

They also have an astonishing vocal strength. It is proven that they can produce sounds capable to be heard a mile away. One can recognize cockatoo by their crests and curved beaks.

Sub Breeds

·         Palm Cockatoo

This is the largest and rare species. Most of this family is black in color and have a large beak and spiny crest. They belong to New Guinea and are not commonly kept as pets.

·         Moluccas/Salmon Crested Cockatoo

Salmon Crested Cockatoo are the least rare Cockatoo. The color of their feathers is pink whereas crest is a slightly orange. Their calls are very loud and hard, especially during the morning and afternoon call times. They belong to Philippines and Indonesian Islands.

·         Umbrella Cockatoo

These birds get their names from their extremely gorgeous, grand, crest. Their color is mostly pure white except for lemon yellow feathers on the wings and under the tail. They are smaller than all other families as well as quieter and calmer. They belong to Indonesia, Moluccas Islands and Tudor.

·         Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

The color of this type is white while the feathers under the tail and on the crest are yellow. These birds can grow up to 20 inches high and surprisingly some have lived as long as up to 85 years. Like other Cockatoo, they are also very social, intelligent and active birds, they are famous for learning tricks and talking. They are found in wooded areas of Australia and New Guinea.

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·         Citron Crested Cockatoo

These birds are smaller than others. They are all white except for an orange crest and a grey beak. They are slightly shy and calm birds but like any other Cockatoo, they are also socially active. These are rare since they are endangered species.

·         Mitchell/Lead Beater Cockatoo

These are relatively smaller as compared to others Cockatoos; their approximate average length is around 15 inches. They are light pink and white in color and the crest is an extremely gorgeous mix of yellow, white and red. They get frustrated easily and are wild chewers. They are from woody areas of Australia.

·         Galah/Rose Breasted Cockatoo

These have a pink-rose colored breast while the rest of the body is grayish white. These birds can become seriously destructive and unpredictable when they reach the age of their sexual maturity. They are widespread in Australia.

·         Long-Billed Corella Cockatoo

These birds are mostly white with red feathers at throat and yellow feathers underneath the wings and tail. They also have a blue colored patch around their eyes. Corellas are amusing birds and found in grasslands of Australia.

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