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Cockatoos Gender Identification

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Cockatoos Gender Identification

Identifying the gender of a Cockatoo is not as difficult as other birds. Usually male and female Cockatoos have separate distinct color marking making it easy to tell their sex but it is relatively hard to determine the gender of a young one as their color markings do not purely develop till the third or fourth year of their life.

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Some species such as “Goffins, Corella, Ducorps, Palm and Slender Cockatoos” are the most challenging species to determine the sex of, for such species DNA testing needs to be carried out by an expert veteran to discover their sex.

There are many ways through which we can determine cockatoo’s sex:

Body Language

Sex can also be identified through body language. Males have a louder voice than females and can even mock sounds. Males start whistling and imitating sounds when they are around six months old. Females make soft chirping sounds.

Males usually pull back their wings and make a beautiful heart shape. Females always tilt down their heads and then slowly elevate their tails.

This method of course is not 100% reliable and requires a lot of observance.

Cockatoo’s eyes

Blue-eyed Cockatoos do not have many differences for both sexes but males have a brown iris while females iris is brownish-red.

Male Sulphur Crest and Salmon Crest have blackish or very dark brown colored eyes while females have reddish/ light brown or plum colored eyes.

Leadbeaters or Major Mitchell’s eyes are brown in males while females are pink or red.

Red Vented and Rose Breast males possess dark brown eyes; females have red or brown eyes.

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White or Umbrella male’s eyes are black; female’s eyes are dark brown.

This is an easy method but of course not very reliable. It’s also easier or slightly more reliable in older parrots as females irises develop as they grow older. Overall males possess a black or dark brown eye color while females are lighter brown with hints of plum or simply burgundy.

Cockatoo’s Markings

Gender can also be identified through the markings of a Cockatoo, mostly all males possess a crest while females don’t.

Male “Gang-Gang Cockatoos” have beautiful red feathers on their head with a crest while females have no crest.

Red Tail Bank males have a crest while females don’t. Males have red markings on their tail while females have hints of yellow on the tail and chest.

Long Billed/Baudin/White tailed Black female Cockatoo’s overall body color is lighter than that of male’s body color and the yellow spots on feathers are more clear and prominent. Females also have a light cream colored beak while males have a dark grey beak.

DNA Testing

In many species both genders are very similar, especially when young, and it is not possible to tell them apart by just looking at them. DNA testing is a fool-proof method and can be done on any can be done on any aged Cockatoo.

Surgical Method

Surgical method can also be used to determine the sex but it is not recommended since it is risky. Bird requires anesthesia for this thus must only be practiced on a large and grown bird. Only a well experienced avian vet should be allowed to do it.

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