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Cockatoo Training

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Cockatoo Training


Cockatoo training for different skills can make it more charming and amusing. If any odd behaviors or bad habits occur such as biting or screaming then they too can also be eliminated through training.

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Basics to Training

There are numerous tricks one can teach their bird, instead of separate instructions on each if one knows the basics of training and applies them, any trick can be taught.

Treating the bird positively

These birds react positively when treated lovingly and carefully and negatively if owner scolds or yells at them. Even if a bird is misbehaving owners need to stay calm else they will cause more destruction rather than fix a behavior. The better way to lessen their aggression is to calm down, go near the cage and talk sweetly with the pet. Usually when they are screaming or angry, it means that they want to come out of their cage. So, release them for some time and let them relax, this activity will eventually calm them down.


Just like every human being and every Cockatoo loves food. Their favorite treats are nuts and seeds. To show them affection and attention the most important thing is to give them treats especially when they act according to an owner’s wishes and react positively to training.


The most essential thing to remember while training a bird is to lavishly praise when they do something right; birds are intelligent creatures and can identify praise easily. Cockatoo are really cuddly and affectionate and love it when they are praised by owners. Just as treats produce a positive effect, so does praise.

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Birds are living beings and nothing can be accomplished on a sudden basis. Some birds can take less time than other but some will take plenty of time to get trained. Owners needs to be patient and caring during the entire process of Cockatoo training and allow the bird plenty of rest as they will learning nothing but aggravate if they are forced to learn when they are not in a good mood.

Potty Training

Training a bird to excrete in the right place is not very difficult in young birds but a lot of patience may be required for older ones because habits don’t change easily.

To potty train first examine when exactly does a bird poop, does it give any signs before such as a certain body angle change? Usually birds will excrete 2-3 hours after they eat and when they wake up in the morning. Choose a word e.g. ‘potty’ and use it each time the bird poops so that it gets accustomed to it. Each time you say it and the bird poops, reward it. Each time you think that the bird is about the poop such as when it wakes up, then take it to the place that you have selected for pooping such as a separate cage and treat it when it poops in the specified place. Soon the bird will get used to the idea and go there each time to poop.

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Teaching Cockatoo to Throw Hoops or Toss Rings

Cockatoos are intelligent birds and trick training not only makes your pet even more amusing but also gives it your attention which it craves. Birds should be first comfortable with the owner before they can be taught tricks.

For throwing hoops you need a hoop and a ball attached to a small ring so the bird is able to hold it. For ring toss you need a short stick screwed on to a base and some small rings. First show the bird what you need it to do and each time the bass goes through the hoop or the ring falls around the stick, appear excited and applaud. Allow your bird to try next, practice, give treats and praise!

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