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Cockatoo Grooming

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Cockatoo Grooming

Cockatoos are fussier when it’s time to groom them. Birds also like to take baths, manicures and haircuts etc. People might think that, why would a bird need this all? But yes they do need little grooming and therefore it must be known what a Cockatoo grooming requires.

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Natural grooming and health

An important thing to note down here is that if the bird is healthy, it can groom itself. So, better pay attention on his health. A healthy cockatoo will not pluck his feathers and will take care of the beak, feathers and crest. Cockatoos know how to groom their feathers. It is a natural process. In some cockatoos there might be a secreting gland at the lower side of their tail. Through this secreting gland they take that oil for their feathers. This nourishes their feathers. Some cockatoos also might have dust in their feathers. This dust keeps their feathers in very nice shape. Some people are also allergic to this feather dust, so be careful.


Shedding means to lose feathers. Just like other animals and birds, cockatoos also shed too. They lose their feathers in a pile sometimes, especially once a year after their maturity. If they are kept as a pet and kept in artificial light, they might be shedding more. So, keep the lights away. A new feather is born when they lose the old feathers. This new feather is called “Blood feather”.

The new feathers are covered with quill or sheath. Whenever it grows just pull it off gently with fingers and nails. Owner must be careful with the new feather and tearing off the sheath as it can hurt a bird and cause it a lot of pain.

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Stress Bars

A stress bar is line when a new feather grows. It is usually at the end of the feather. It is a sign of sickness. Do consult a vet immediately if such a condition appears. Trying to be a vet or experimenting without proper qualification is very dangerous. Always take bird to a qualified, experienced vet. Sometimes a black patch might appear on cockatoo’s feather. It is due to the oil of human hands when they pat their cockatoo. Always wash hands before patting, Feeding or holding cockatoo.

Too Much Grooming

Excessive cockatoo grooming is a bad sign. If a bird plucks his feathers or shreds them, it means that it has some disease. Diseases might include skin problems, internal sickness, and mental stress. Take the cockatoo to an expert vet. The vet will examine the bird and tell exactly what the problem is. Go to a vet before its behavior becomes its habit.

When they live in wild they like the rain. If they live as a pet they like to get a bath a lot of times. Spraying some water gently on them will make them feel happy and good. They will be more friendly and affectionate with owners if they take care of their needs. Some birds like to have a bath in a pan or large dish. This will also clean them and keep the dust and illness away. Some people also blow dry the feathers after bathing their bird. It’s good, it makes them look gorgeous and smart. But for a little time because blow-dry doesn’t stand for a long time.

Beak Shape

Just like humans and animal’s nails, bird’s nails and beaks also grow. So, owners have to keep it in shape by trimming it time to time. But a healthy bird will never need a beak trim. Perches made up of concrete and good to go for this task. Cockatoo might make grinding noise it will rub both beaks together.

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If the bird’s beak grows continuously and gets long then it might be an illness. Mostly it happens in liver illness. In this case one must see a vet. He will examine a bird and detect the disease. Never freak out. Just take them to a good vet. If its beak ever cracks through an accident or something like that, it should be treated immediately.

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Exercise is a very healthy life style not only for humans but also for a cockatoo. There are many books, DVDs available in market regarding their exercises. Pet owners must consult them if they want their cockatoo to be healthy and fresh. Exercise will not only keep them healthy but also calm their aggressive nature. It can also help in lessening their screaming. Find out some ways to entertain them so that they would move their feathers and toes. They might make some dance movements also. If one takes care of them, they will bond with their owners quickly. These birds are very loving and affectionate. They make singing noises and also dance when they are happy. So, entertain them, they might entertain too.


In Cockatoo grooming, diet is an essential part. Cockatoo’s health is a very important thing. It’s a part of their grooming. Cockatoos like to eat seed, nuts, fruits, and crumbs. They also like to eat some vegetables. Those cockatoos that have long beaks also eat roots. They use their beaks, twist it and pluck the roots. Take care of cockatoo’s diet. Feed them at proper timings. Always keep some nuts and seeds in their cage. To take care of diet is not only important for cockatoo’s health but also for their mood.

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