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Chinese Water Dragon

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragon is found in abundance in the areas of China, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries. These lizards are also known as Asian Water Dragon, Green Water Dragon or Thai Water Dragon. These lizards like to swim in water and are mostly found near lakes, rivers or coastal areas, this is how they got their name. Asian Water Dragon comes in a variety of green coloration; they can range from dark swampy green to light pale green.

The Chinese Water Dragons are one of the most beautiful lizards one may find. their beauty, calm nature and easy feeding and breeding in the captivity makes them the most favorite lizard all around the world to be kept as pets. What do Asian Water Dragon likes to eat? What is their enclosure size? What is the physical description? All is present here on Purrs N Grrs.

Chinese Water Dragon Physical Description:

The Chinese Water Dragons physical description is that they are available in green color only however color variations might range from dark green to light pale green. The underside of this lizard is of light color which might be light green, pale green or white. The most attractive part of the physical description is their throat which is bright colors like yellow, peach, red or orange. Male Chinese Water Dragons are longer and broader than females. The males have crests on their heads, tail and neck. Like many lizards, Chinese Water Dragons also have a pineal gland on their heads which is known as the third eye. This gland is located between the two eyes which help in detecting temperature show and also shows aerial view which helps the lizards escaping of there is an attack from the top, like a bird attack.

According to the Chinese Water Dragons physical description, an adult can grow 2 to 3 feet long. If provided by proper enclosure and diet they can even outgrow this length. The Chinese Dragons have long tails which help them swim easily in water with fast movements. The front legs of a Chinese Water Dragon are slender as compared to the back ones. Chinese Water Dragon also has designs on their bodies which can be stripped or spots.




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