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Chinese Water Dragon Housing

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Chinese Water Dragons Housing

Chinese Water Dragon housing needs a large area for enclosure which can accommodate plants on which it can climb and a deep water carrier where it can swim freely. For one adult dragon, the enclosure should be 5 to 6 feet tall, 2 to 3 feet deep and 6 feet long. One has to get the housing tank to be made on custom order because such large tanks are not available in pet shops and so order has to be given and it can be a bit expensive.

If one wants to house a pair, then the enclosure should be constructed accordingly but don’t keep two males at once or two pairs at once as they might show aggression towards each other. The most suitable and the most reliable enclosure is the fish tank or aquarium made from durable glass which can withstand temperature changes.


Chinese Water Dragons are active lizards and so they need lots of exercise every day because of this reason they need to have a large enclosure and because they need a proper water hose too where they can swim freely. For flooring, it is important that the owner use substrate which if digested should not cause a problem to the lizard. For flooring, owner can use potting soil which must be free from all kinds of chemicals and fertilizers and it can be covered with sphagnum moss. This kind of flooring will provide a natural enclosure for the lizard in captivity and will also keep the humidity level in enclosure balanced. Other types of floorings which can be used are a mixture of potting soil, play sand and meat, or reptile carpets or plain papers. The lizard must be provided with ladders or branches so that it can climb around, bear this in mind that the lizard is active and so needs daily exercise to stay healthy and happy in the enclosure.

Water pool

As the name suggests, these water lizards love staying in the water, so a pool in their enclosure is important which can give them enough room to swim or to hide under water and so it is important part of the housing. The pool should be deep enough so that the dragon can submerge is body completely; it should be wide and long enough so that it can swim freely. Owners can use small water tubs made from plastic and can place them in the cage. The water should be changed at least once or twice in a week.


The owner should keep a close look on humidity level in the enclosure. For this the owner can buy a humidity meter available at different pet stores or reptile dealers. The owner must mist the enclosure every day to maintain humidity level, if you don’t want to buy the meter, small potted plants can be used too but they should be watered daily.

The temperature of the enclosure must be monitored, in the day timings; the temperature should be around 29C to 35C and for this basking light can be used in the Chinese Water Dragon housing. During the night hours, temperature should be dropped till 24C and it should be measured with the thermometer. Basking lights, under tank heat pads, ceramic heat lights and UVB fluorescent fixtures can be used in the enclosure for temperature maintenance.

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