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Chinese Water Dragon Care and Feeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Chinese Water Dragon Care and Feeding

Chinese Water dragon care is very important and feeding is an important part. Feeding can be done with insects, fruits, plants, flowers and vegetables. These lizards are not moody eaters, because of their energetic nature; they eat more than other captive lizards. Apart from this, the lizards also need their nutritional supplements in their feed. The lizards must be fed with more quantity of insects as compared to vegetables and fruits. One day old mice can also be fed to adults

Feeding can be done with crickets, wax worms, silkworms, earthworms, meal worms, butter worms, grasshoppers, locusts, cockroaches, red worms and other types of insects. These insects can be purchased from different pet stores or they can be purchased online from different reptile dealers. Some worms can be found at fishing shops too where fishing supplies are available.  It’s better to purchase these insects because they are gut loaded, that is whatever they have eaten is nutritional and when it goes into your pet’s tummy it will be beneficial for it too. Insects caught from the wild may contain pesticide or insecticide spray on them or they might be carrying germs too which can be dangerous and fatal for your pet lizard and are not recommended at all.

The owner can chop bananas, mangoes, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, figs, papayas, apples, cantaloupe, sweet apple and other fruits in small chunks so that the lizard can easily chew on them. You can feed your lizard any kind of food except for citrus fruit which includes grapefruit, oranges and others.

Vegetables which can be fed to the lizards are beet-root, cabbage, cauliflower, red radish, turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, mustard seeds and various other kinds of vegetables.

Like all other lizards kept in captivity, Chinese Water Dragons' feeding also needs supplements such as Calcium and vitamins in their daily diet. These supplements are available in powdered form or they can be crushed into powder form and they can be then sprinkled on the insects which later the lizards will consume. These supplements are necessary for the Chinese lizards so that they can survive in the captivity and breed successfully with longer life.

The owner can feed their adult lizard on alternate days, daily feeding is not recommended for this lizard. The hatchlings or younger must be fed twice daily. With the passage of time their feeding timings can be reduced. Proper feeding is important for their care.

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