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Chinese Water Dragon Behavior

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Chinese Water Dragon Behavior

Chinese Water Dragon behavior is known for their calm temperament. These lizards can be excellent household pets and they are not aggressive towards humans at all if brought up in captivity and bred well, this is the best part about Chinese Water Dragon behavior. However they might show aggression against other Dragons, especially males but they won’t cause any harm to their human owner.

When a Chinese Water Dragon behavior is scared or nervous, they will quickly seek shelter under water. The owner must have a large enough enclosure for this lizard as it needs deep water where it can hide and swim. Because of its calm attitude, back in 1990s these lizards were heavily imported from South East Asia countries, however now they are bred in captivity and are available in almost every country.

If you find your Water Dragon chasing, head bobbing, arm waving and puffing up its throat then it is showing aggression towards you or other Chinese Water Dragon present in the enclosure, this is very important to notice in Chinese Water Dragon behavior. If a fight breaks out among these Dragons then you should immediately separate them.

Chinese Water Dragons are pretty, they can easily be handled. If they are given well care they can live for 16 years. If you are going to its enclosure and trying to pick it and he shows you a mouth open sign, then it means that it is showing aggression and doesn’t want to be picked up. Sometimes their color might even get dark when picked up, and this case you should keep them back as they might get stressed and is important to note in the Chinese Water Dragon behavior to ensure their health.

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