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Chameleons – Introduction

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Chameleons are probably one of the most beautiful lizards with over 60 types of different species and in a range of beautiful bright colors. You may find colors like green, brown, yellow, red, blue, purple, orange and various others. Chameleon have the tendency of changing their color according to their environment;

this helps them in camouflaging and hiding from the predators. Chameleon are one of those lizards which are available in almost every part of the world except for those who experience extreme cold conditions which includes the North Pole, South Pole, Canada and North America. In these areas Chameleon are imported and are kept in captivity providing them with suitable temperature preferences. Because of their beauty, color and calm nature, they can be kept as household pets and they are perfect for those who are keeping reptiles for the first time.

Physical Description

chameleon physical 1 250x300 - Chameleons - IntroductionThe chameleon is available in a huge variety of bright colors, and they also change their color according to their environment.  They have zygodactylous feet, that is, their two toes are facing forward and two are facing backwards, just like the feet of birds. They have such arrangement of feet because these lizards live in trees and the arrangement of their feet helps them in climbing with speed and ease.

Chameleon have a stereoscopic eye which gives them a wide vision of their surroundings. Their upper and lower eyelids are joined together and only a pinhole is left open which has pupil in it. These pupils can move in a 360 direction which helps them in seeing everything in their surroundings. Chameleon have a long and modified tongue which helps them in catching preys such as flies and mosquitoes from a far distance. Chameleon have horns or crests on their heads which enhances their beauty even more. Because of different species in Chameleon, they have different variations in lengths too. A male adult chameleon can vary from 15 mm to 70cm. The 15mm is the size of a male adult Chameleon known as Brookesia Micra, this lizard is one of the smallest species in reptiles.

Male Chameleon is more ornamented and attractive as compared to females. They are larger in size, have brighter color and have a beautiful crest on their heads. The average life span of a Chameleon can be 3 to 10 years. Some species of chameleons also have a series of rows or spikes on their back which runs along the spine.  Apart from changing colors to camouflage in the environment, Chameleons also change their skin colors when there is a temperature change or a change in their temperament.

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