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Chameleons Feeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

chameleon feeding - Chameleons Feeding

Chameleon Feeding

Generally, when it comes to chameleons feeding, these lizards are insectivorous, they eat only insects but because of their wide species variation, chameleon feeding habit differs from their specie to specie. Some chameleon might eat plants, fruits, vegetables (the small and medium size ones); however the large sized ones will also eat baby mice, baby birds or other lizards.

Catching a live insect to eat is a healthy activity for lizards, therefore this whole feeding experience provides important activity to them.

Types of Insects to Feed Chameleon

The insects must be fed alive for the Chameleons feeding, they won't eat dead ones. Insects which can be fed to chameleon are Flies, Cockroaches, grasshoppers, lactose, Crickets, Snails, Butter worm, mealworms, silkworms, earthworms, wax worms, super worms, hornworms and fruit flies. It is better to use insects with small wings so that they could be digested easily by the chameleon.

Another element to keep in mind here is that the insects are being raised on a high nutrition diet. In this way, when chameleon would eat these insects, it would intake a good nutritional value.

In case there are no alive insects to be found then owners should try to feed their lizards with dead ones. It is not a favorable things to do as its difficult for the chameleon to eat a dead insect but it is a situtation where flying insects are nowhere to be found.


The quantity of the insects could be increased or decreased depending upon the size and age of chameleon. Secondly, if the insects are big, for example crickets or cocroaches, then it is better to keep the quantity low as digesting big insects would take time. Although it is advised to use small insects as food.

Food Supplements

Like all lizards, supplement of calcium and vitamin in powdered forms must be used for chameleon feeding, and these powdered supplements should be sprinkled on the live insects and then they must be fed to the Chameleons.

How to Feed

Leave the worms or insects in the enclosure and the Chameleon itself will grab them by their long sticky tongues and eat them.


For Chameleon feeding, the water requirement cannot be ignored. A water bowl must be kept in the enclosure and it should be changed every day, at the times Chameleon drinks water too.


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