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Chameleon Species

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Chameleon Species

There are about more than 60 Chameleon species, however here we are only going to cover a few species which are commonly kept as pets and are being bred and exported all over the world. There are some countries that have banned the export of some species because they are becoming endangered in their area, and Africa is one of the countries banning export of the chameleons originated from their country. Different species have different size, colors, life span, feeding and breeding. Different species require different kinds of enclosure and care. Below mentioned are a few species along with brief information about them.


Archaius 2 300x199 - Chameleon Species


This Chameleon is also known as Seychelles Tiger Chameleon and is one of the endangered Chameleon’s specie. They have a length of 16cm. Because this specie is engendered, only experts are allowed to keep them in captivity to encourage captive breeding.

Bearded Pygmy Chameleon 4 300x173 - Chameleon Species

Bearded Pygmy Chameleon

As the name suggests, the Bearded Pygmy Chameleon has a beard in its throat area. The specie is smaller in size and has brown coloring only. This bearded Chameleon can darken or lighten its color according to the environmental or temper change.

Because of their calm nature and small size, Bearded Chameleons are most loved chameleon species. Their small size makes them cute and adorable and so everyone wants this chameleon. And because of their small size Bearded Chameleons do not require a large enclosure or enough attention like a larger chameleon species would need.

Just like Brookesia Micra, these chameleons are smaller in their size and so attract many people around them. According to a survey conducted, it was found out that the women are the one who are more scared of the lizards regardless of their species, insects and rats. Whenever they will see any of these creatures they will quickly climb on the highest point and yell on the top of their lungs and won’t get down or stop yelling until it is dead. Many of these women were asked to take a long at the lizard, they won’t even do that saying they disgust them and are creepy crawlies. The Pygmy was the only lizard breed which actually caught attention of women from all over the world. They have a very small size and so is not a threat for anyone. Seeing their small size, many women volunteered to touch and even carry them on their hands. They just said that they felt a tinkling sensation when it walked on the hand or climbed the fingers however had no fear in holding them.

And so only, because of their small size, many women who had passion for lizards but because of the women in their house couldn’t keep it actually started keeping the Pygmy. They are excellent for those household which don’t have much space for a lunch tang because these lizards don’t require a large enclosure and so a smaller one can just do well. However one should make the tank or enclosure completely escape proof so that Pygmy Chameleon cannot escape. 

Brookesia Micra 2 300x184 - Chameleon Species

Brookesia Micra

Brookesia Micra is the world’s smallest chameleon and one of the smallest reptiles with a maximum length of 29mm over all. These Chameleons were found in Madagascar by a team of researcher, they have large heads and small tails.

These chameleons are the cutest of all. Their size will make one want to have it instantly, even those who are scared of lizards or reptiles in specific can have them. These beautiful yet small creatures are adorable. They come in different shades of brown and may even have markings on their body. They may not be larger than the head of the match stick and even a child may handle it with love and care. When making their enclosure, one should make sure that it is properly sealed from the top and the sides, because of their small shape and size they might be able to escape even easily. Moreover these chameleons may not even require a large space and so a small enclosure can go just well for them.

Bradypodion 4 300x200 - Chameleon Species


Bradypodion are also known as South African Dwarf Chameleons. They have a length of 14cm, and have a crest on their head and throat which enhances their beauty. They have spikes on their backs and are available in different bright and vibrant colors. Bradypodion produces 10 to 20 hatchlings during the summer season which is best known as the mating season.

Apart from the vibrant coloring features and the body size, another remarkable feature of these lizards is that they have three color marking or stripes on their sides. These three colors may be different from each other for example black, orange and blue. They have spikes like features on their throat area too and one can find them in wild, especially in the South African regions.


The chamaleo is one of the most common Chameleons found worldwide. They have large horn or crest on their heads, and the males are more attractive than females because they have a larger body comparatively and are brighter in colors. They have lengths ranging from 16cm to 45cm.

Their beautiful body makes them a must want for different reptile and lizard lover, especially those who have a special fondness in the chameleons. The bright colors of them are eye catching; they look vibrant and very attractive. If provided with proper care, attention and environment, their color can become brighter. For those Chameleon which have dull coloring on their body when kept in captivity, this means that they are either not happy or don’t have enough conditions to keep them healthy and active thus making them look weak. It is highly recommended that one makes an investment in this specie only if they are willing to give the proper time and investment in them. They can be excellent household pets which are easily to handle and don’t require any high maintenance either, only occasional basis of cleaning the tanks and they don’t require regular feeding either.

Calumma 2 300x200 - Chameleon Species


These Chameleons are originated from Madagascar, in early times their import and export was very high however now with the danger of being extinct, and there is a ban on importing these beautiful lizards from their native countries. The bright color makes these Chameleons even more wanting and attractive.

Calumma can be excellent pets to be kept at home. They have calm temperament and so can get well along with humans, especially those which have been bred in captivity. The import of these chameleons from their native county has been banned due to very obvious reason, it is getting extinct there. However, one can find a captive breeder in their local area who may have the Calumma chameleon.

Jackson Chameleon 3 300x196 - Chameleon Species

Jackson Chameleon

The Jackson Chameleon is also known as Jackson’s three horned Chameleon. They have this alternative name because they have one horn on their nose area and two on their head. These Chameleons can live well in captivity but have special needs. They prefer cooler enclosure temperature during the night timings. Too much heat or humidity can give them breathing and eye problems which then can be fatal. The other unique thing about this Chameleon is that it gives birth to the offspring. The female bears the eggs in her body and the eggs hatch inside her body thus giving birth to babies. They can give birth to 5 to 10 offspring.

These beautiful chameleons have got some gorgeous, attractive and vibrant color. One can find a variety of blue, violet and indigo shades in them. The striking color and the body marking on their bodies make it the most wanted chameleon in the world to be kept as a pet. If provided with the perfect conditions, they can have a long life span and may even breed well in the captivity giving one some little baby chameleons to keep or to sell further. 

Furcifer 1 300x233 - Chameleon Species


Importing Furcifer from their native countries is now banned. These Chameleons are known for their bright colors and calm nature. The Furcifer are also gorgeous lizards however they have now become rare in their own origin. However this breed is being bred well in the captivity but has been banned on the import from their native country because they believe they are running out of them because of immense export and is becoming rare in the country. For those who are interested to purchase them can contact their local breeders.

Nadzikambia 4 213x300 - Chameleon Species


Nadzikambia, which are also known as Mount Mabu Chameleo, is small in size.

This chameleons species is very small in size can be great pets, especially for those people who are amateurs, beginners or are going to have a pet reptile for the very first time. The Nadzikambia are not only known for their small size, in fact they are also known for the best coloring with striking markings on their body. One can find them in a variety of green color along with the colors of brown, red and many others. They may have different colored marks, spots and stripes on their body If one is looking for these chameleons, then they might have to hunt for them online or from the store near their area.

If there is a store, then a person can easily contact with the sales person to give them some Nadzikambia chameleons or they can ask for placing their order. In case they are ordered, they will be shipped from some other country or state (however these are very easily available in America). Once the cargo has arrived at the store you place your order at, the salesperson will call you for the collection. Keep in mind that imported or shipped Nadzikambia are expensive than those easily available at the market after all it’s a custom or special shipment. 

Kinyongia 4 300x225 - Chameleon Species


The distinctive feature of these Chameleons is that they have horns on their nose area making them more attractive.

These chameleons are not that large in their size and because of the calm temperament can make some excellent household reptile pet.  Their beautiful colors and the horn on the front of their mouth that is the nose area makes them even more attractive and is a must want by every animal or reptile lover specifically.

The horns of the Kinyongi are used for defense and also attacking. Through this chameleon might not attack the owner, especially those kept and bred in captivity; however the wild one captured may attack. Those who are kept in captivity may only attack other males in the territory; this is specifically in those who have housed one chameleon only. Those who are looking forward to keep them as pet can visit their local store or search for the breeder in their local area.

Rieppeleon 4 300x225 - Chameleon Species


Rieppeleon are small Chameleons found in East Africa and are brown in color. Their small size makes them look cute and famous pets. Like other small sized Chameleons, these are found in grass, leave litter, bushes and lower tree trunks.

Rhampholeon 1 300x225 - Chameleon Species


Rhampholeons are small Chameleons which are mainly found in East Africa. These Chameleons are available in dull colors such as gray, green, and brown and black. These Chameleons are mostly found in the low grass, bushes and leaf litters.

Both the chameleons, Rieppeleon and Rhampholeons are known for their small sizes. These reptiles are lizards and falls in the chameleon’s category. They are loved by many people all around the world because of their small sizes and easy living conditions.  These lizards are also known for their amazing coloring and striking marking on the body. One can find them in very bright colors, while others are in dull colors however may have stipes, spots and different patterns on their body. Those who are willing to keep both of these chameleons may not need a larger space to accommodate them and they can survive well in the 10 gallon tank. However, in order to enhance their life and have a successful breeding, they should be given all the proper living conditions such as the food which they eat and the temperature living conditions. The basking light and other will help in keeping them temperature warm which is recommended for the lizard. 

Veiled Chameleon 2 300x225 - Chameleon Species

Veiled Chameleon

The Veiled Chameleons are found in the Middle East countries such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, it is also known as Yemen Chameleon. The Chameleon is usually in green color with patterns and stripes of different colors such as blue, yellow and orange. The Chameleon has large horns on their head and comparatively males are more attractive than females. Veiled Chameleon is omnivorous and the female produces 3 clutches of eggs in 12 months. This specie is more aggressive as compared to others and so expert training and taming sessions are required.

This Chameleon species is known for their amazing body shape, the beautiful and vibrant colors and so make a great house hold pet. The Veiled Chameleons can actually have a good temperament around humans and so are highly advised to be kept at home without any problem or troubled.

Trioceros 1 300x199 - Chameleon Species


Trioceros are available in a different bright color and they have horns on their nose area and heads. Their large size and beautiful colors and horns on their body makes them attractive and famous reptile pet to be kept in captivity.

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