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Chameleon Housing

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Chameleon Housing

Chameleons are found living in the grasslands, rain forests, rocks, coastal areas, trees and bushes, and desserts but they are mostly found in trees. A person keeping chameleon as a pet must keep in mind about providing them with a large enclosure and plenty of accessories or small tree branches where it can climb freely. The best type oo Chameleon housing is the one which is made from glass, for example glass tanks. These tanks must be tall and wide in size. They should be tall to adjust tall tree branches on which the lizard can climb and roam freely around. Chameleon enclosures are available at many pet stores and reptile dealers; if not available in your area you can make them on a custom order, but keep this in mind that their enclosures can be expensive.

chameleon housing - Chameleon Housing

Chameleons need air ventilation in their enclosure as compared to other lizards; this is because these lizards are prone to respiratory illness. Proper measures should be taken for the ventilation which can include potted plants which can help maintain humidity and keeping the flow of oxygen, an opening should be provided in the enclosure for air passage.

Like all lizards, Chameleons are cold blooded animals and so they need ample amount of heat in their enclosure. Basking light or ultraviolet light can be used in their enclosure to provide the light and heat in the enclosure in order for the chameleon to survive in captivity. The basking light must be fixed in one corner of the enclosure, so that if the chameleon feels too warm, it can escape to another corner of the enclosure where the temperature is lower.

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Boxes, stones and other stuff like that will not attract Chameleons all they need are trees in which they can climb, play and hide. In the Chameleon housing, small plants can't be planted and a small amount of artificial plant and tree branches can be used. Potted plants help in maintaining humidity level in the enclosure and they are liked by chameleons too. Everything accessory in the enclosure must be arranged properly so that they won't fall off on your lizard. Make sure the plants you plant in the enclosure are not toxic because some chameleons like to eat plant’s leaves. For floorings owners can use reptile carpet, paper towels, newspaper and other kinds of flooring material however substrate are not recommended. The enclosures must be cleaned regularly.

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