Chameleon – Different Species – Veiled Chameleon and Triceros

Veiled Chameleon 1Veiled Chameleon 2

Veiled Chameleon

The Veiled Chameleons are found in the Middle East countries such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, it is also known as Yemen Chameleon. The Chameleon is usually in green color with patterns and stripes of different colors such as blue, yellow and orange. The Chameleon has large horns on their head and comparatively males are more attractive than females. Veiled Chameleon is omnivorous and the female produces 3 clutches of eggs in 12 months. This specie is more aggressive as compared to others and so expert training and taming sessions are required.

These Chameleon are known for their amazing body shope, the beautiful and vibrant colors and so make a great house hold pet. The Veiled Chameleons can actually have a good temperment around humans and so are highly advised to be kept at home without any problem or troubled.



Trioceros are available in a different bright color and they have horns on their nose area and heads. Their large size and beautiful colors and horns on their body makes them attractive and famous reptile pet to be kept in captivity.

Both, the Veiled Chameloen and Triceros are known for their beautiful physical description. They are highly recommended to be kept as Lizard Reptile pet which can not only make your life colorful but also add some color to the interior collection of your pets.  


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