Chameleons – Different Species – Rieppeleon and Rhampholeons

Rieppeleon 1Rieppeleon 2Rieppeleon

Rieppeleon are small Chameleons found in East Africa and are brown in color. Their small size makes them look cute and famous pets. Like other small sized Chameleons, these are found in grass, leave litter, bushes and lower tree trunks.

Rieppeleon 3Rieppeleon 4


Rhampholeon 2

Rhampholeons are small Chameleons which are mainly found in East Africa. These Chameleons are available in dull colors such as gray, green, brown and black. These Chameleons are mostly found in the low grass, bushes and leaf litters.

Both the chameleons, Rieppeleon and Rhampholeons are known for their small sizes. These reptiles are lizards and falls in the chameleons category. They are loved by many people all around the world because of their small sizes and easy living conditions.  These lizards are also known for their amazing coloring and striking marking on the body. One can find them in very bright colors, while others are in dull colors however may have stipes, spots and different patterns on their body. Those who are willing to keep both of these chameleons may not need a larger space to accomodate them and they can survive well in the 10 gallon tank. However, in order to enhance their life and have a successful breeding, they should be given all the proper living conditions such as the food which they eat and the temperature living conditions. The basking light and other will help in keeping them temperature warm which is recommended for the lizard. 


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