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Chameleon – Nadzikambia and Kinyongi Chameleon for sale

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Nadzikambia 2 300x200 - Chameleon - Nadzikambia and Kinyongi Chameleon for sale

Nadzikambia 4 213x300 - Chameleon - Nadzikambia and Kinyongi Chameleon for sale


When looking for a chameleon for sale, one has to be very specific about breeds. Taking an example of Nadzikambia which are also known as Mount Mabu Chameleon and is small in size.

These chameleons are very small in size can be great pets, especially for those people who are amateurs, beginners or are going to have a pet reptile for the very first time. The Nadzikambia are not only known for their small size, in fact they are also known for the best coloring with striking markings on their body. One can find them in a variety of green color along with the colors of brown, red and many others. They may have different colored marks, spots and stripes on their body If one is looking for these chameleons, then they might have to hunt for them online or from the store near their area.

If there is a store, then a person can easily contact with the sales person to give them some Nadzikambia chameleons or they can ask for placing their order. In case they are ordered, they will be shipped from some other country or state (however these are very easily available in America). Once the cargo has arrived at the store you place your order at, the salesperson will call you for the collection. Keep in mind that imported or shipped Nadzikambia are expensive than those easily available at the market after all it’s a custom or special shipment.


Kinyongia 3 300x199 - Chameleon - Nadzikambia and Kinyongi Chameleon for sale

The distinctive feature of these Chameleons is that they have horns on their nose area making them more attractive.

These chameleons are not that large in their size and because of the calm temperament can make some excellent household reptile pet.  Their beautiful colors and the horn on the front of their mouth that is the nose area makes them even more attractive and is a must want by every animal or reptile lover specifically.

The horns of the Kinyongi are used for defense and also attacking. Through this chameleon might not attack the owner, especially those kept and bred in captivity; however the wild one captured may attack. Those who are kept in captivity may only attack other males in the territory; this is specifically in those who have housed one chameleon only. Those who are looking forward to keep them as pet can visit their local store or search for the breeder in their local area.

Both, the Nadzikambia and the Kinyongi are known for their beauty. For those who always wanted these chameleon species can look for them online, especially by typing in chameleon for sale in specific area on the search engine and then searching for the results.


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