Chameleon – Different Species – Jackson Chameleon and Furcifer

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The Jackson Chameleon are also known as Jackson’s three horned Chameleon. They have this alternative name because they have one horn on their nose area and two on their head. These Chameleons can live well in captivity but have special needs. They prefer cooler enclosure temperature during the night timings. Too much heat or humidity can give them breathing and eye problems which then can be fatal. The other unique thing about this Chameleon is that it gives birth to the offsprings. The female bears the eggs in her body and the eggs hatch inside her body thus giving birth to babies. They can give birth to 5 to 10 offsprings.

These beautiful chameleons have got some gorgeous, attractive and vibrant color. One can find a variety of blue, violet and indigo shades in them. The striking color and the body marking on their bodies make it the most wanted chameleon in the world to be kept as a pet. If provided with the perfect conditions, they can have a long life span and may even breed well in the captivity giving one some little baby chameleons to keep or to sell further. 

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Furcifer 3

Furcifer 1


Importing Furcifer from their native countries is now banned. These Chameleons are known for their bright colors and calm nature. The Furcifer are also gorgeous lizards however they have now become rare in their own origin. However this breed is being bred well in the captivity but has been banned on the import from their native country because they believe they are running out of them because of immense export and is becoming rare in the country. For those who are interested to purchase them can contact their local breeders.

Both the Jackson chameleon and the Furcifer are known for their attractive body marking and coloring. They have a good temperament and so can be excellent household reptile lizard pets for the starters.

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