Chameleon – Different Species – Chamaleo and Calumma

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The chamaleo is one of the most common Chameleons found worldwide. They have large horn or crest on their heads, and the males are more attractive than females because they have a larger body comparatively and are brighter in colors. They have lengths ranging from 16cm to 45cm.

Their beautiful body makes them a must want for different reptile and lizard lover, especially those who have a special fondness in the chameleons. The bright colors of them are eye catching; they look vibrant and very attractive. If provided with proper care, attention and environment, their color can become brighter. For those Chamaleo which have dull coloring on their body when kept in captivity, this means that they are either not happy or don’t have enough conditions to keep them healthy and active thus making them look weak. It is highly recommended that one makes an investment in this specie only if they are willing to give the proper time and investment in them. They can be excellent household pets which are easily to handle and don’t require any high maintenance either, only occasional basis of cleaning the tanks and they don’t require regular feeding either.


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These Chameleons are originated from Madagascar, in early times their import and export was very high however now with the danger of being extinct, and there is a ban on importing these beautiful lizards from their native countries. The bright color makes these Chameleons even more wanting and attractive.

Calumma can be excellent pets to be kept at home. They have calm temperament and so can get well along with humans, especially those which have been bred in captivity. The import of these chameleons from their native county has been banned due to very obvious reason, it is getting extinct there. However, one can find a captive breeder in their local area who may have the Calumma chameleon.

Both the Chamaleo and Calumma can be prove to be excellent pets, especially for the amateurs and the beginners. These lizards can be found with the local breeder who might have their youngs in stock. 

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