Chameleon – Different Species – Brookesia Micra and Bradypodian

Brookesia Micra 1A 2004 scan of slide file picture shows a 'Brookesia micra' chameleon on the fingernail of a researchers hand in MadagascarBrookesia Micra

Brookesia Micra is the world’s smallest chameleon and one of the smallest reptiles with a maximum length of 29mm over all. These Chameleons were found in Madagascar by a team of researcher, they have large heads and small tails.

These chameleons are the most cutest of all. Their size will make one want to have it instantly, even those who are scared of lizards or reptiles in specific can have them. These beautiful yet small creatures are adorable. They come in different shades of brown and may even have markings on their body. They may not be larger than the head of the match stick and even a child may handle it with love and care. When making their enclosure, one should make sure that it is properly sealed from the top and the sides, because of their small shape and size they might be able to escape even easily. Moreover these chameleon may not even require a large space and so a small enclosure can go just well for them. Micra 4


Bradypodion 3

Bradypodion are also known as South African Dwarf Chameleons. They have a length of 14cm, and have a crest on their head and throat which enhances their beauty. They have spikes on their backs and are available in different bright and vibrant colors. Bradypodion produces 10 to 20 hatchlings during the summer season which is best known as the mating season.

Apart from the vibrant coloring features and the body size, another remarkable feature of these lizards is that they have three color marking or stripes on their sides. These three colors may be different from each other for example black, orange and blue. They have spikes like features on their throat area too and one can find them in wild, especially in the South African regions.

Both, the Brookesia Micra and the Bradypodian are some excellent lizards which are known for their beautiful marking on the body and also their size. The Micra however stands out in the size being the smallest and also the cutest. 

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