Chameleon – Different Species – Bearded Pygmy Chameleon

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As the name suggests, the Bearded Pygmy Chameleon has a beard in its throat area. The specie is smaller in size and has brown coloring only. This bearded Chameleon can darken or lighten its color according to the environmental or temper change.

Because of their calm nature and small size, Bearded Chameleons are most loved chameleon species. Their small size makes them cute and adorable and so everyone wants this chameleon. And because of their small size Bearded Chameleons do not require a large enclosure or enough attention like a larger chameleon species would need.

Just like Brookesia Micra, these chameleons are smaller in their size and so attract many people around them. According to a survey conducted, it was found out that the women are the one who are more scared of the lizards regardless of their species, insects and rats. Whenever they will see any of these creatures they will quickly climb on the highest point and yell on the top of their lungs and won’t get down or stop yelling until it is dead. Many of these women were asked to take a long at the lizard, they won’t even do that saying they disgust them and are creepy crawlies. The Pygmy was the only lizard breed which actually caught attention of women from all over the world. They have a very small size and so is not a threat for anyone. Seeing their small size, many women volunteered to touch and even carry them on their hands. They just said that they felt a tinkling sensation when it walked on the hand or climbed the fingers however had no fear in holding them.

And so only, because of their small size, many women who had passion for lizards but because of the women in their house couldn’t keep it actually started keeping the Pygmy. They are excellent for those household which don’t have much space for a lunch tang because these lizards don’t require a large enclosure and so a smaller one can just do well. However one should make the tank or enclosure completely escape proof so that Pygmy Chameleon cannot escape. 

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