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Chameleon Breeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Chameleon Breeding

There are several things to know about Chameleon breeding. Because of their different species and range in size, Chameleons have different quantities of laying clutches. The smallest will lay 2 to 4 eggs while the largest will lay 80 to 100 eggs and they all have a long period of hatching. Some hatch after 4 to 12 months while there has been a record of eggs hatching after 2 years.

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When a female Chameleon is introduced to a male Chameleon, the Chameleon will offer courtship by bobbing its head, puffing its throat and body, will move around the female and its color will be bright. If the female accepts the offer and is ready to mate she will bow her head and the male will climb on her back and will hold her neck or crest by its mouth and then will mate with the female. After copulation the female stays on the ground after 3 to 6 weeks of mating. For Chameleon breeding purpose, during mating season, it is required that the owner puts play sand and soil mixture in the enclosure which should be near the basking light. At this stage the female will start digging holes in the sand to lay her egg clutches.

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Most species of chameleons are Oviparous, that is, they lay eggs with no embryonic development within the female’s body they are developed and fertilized once they are laid. There are some Chameleons which are ovoviviparous, that is, the eggs develop inside the female’s body and are only laid once they are about to hatch. The Jackson Chameleon is one of the examples of these types of lizards; the female lays eggs on the tree branch and then the hatchlings hatch and climbs along the tree to look for food or for hiding.


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