Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a Pet and Breed Details

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are toy dogs but their size is bigger than other toy dogs. Height of the Cavalier is around 11-13 inches. Weight is around 4-9 KGs.

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Being a Spaniel, Cavalier has a silky long coat. Sometimes coat is of medium length. Coat could be bit wavy but not curly. The feathered hairs are found around legs, over tail and ears.


Cavalier has long hanging feathered ears. The skull is flat and ears are distant. The muzzle is also long and dark nose contains big nostrils.

The tail is long and feathered. Tail docking for Cavalier is not adopted due to their being show dogs.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed

Cavalier has four distinct set of colors:

White with chestnut markings is called Blenheim.

Black and tan (tan marking on legs, muzzle, above eyes) is called King Charles

Ruby Cavalier is solid chestnut color (white markings are not acceptable for the breed standards)

Tri-color with white, black and tan (tan markings above eyes, cheeks, inner ear and under tail and legs) is called Prince Charles

Temperament of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier is a tiny box full of love and affection. They are extremely lovely, playful, adorable and social.

They love to sleep and sit on lap and they are always by the side of their owners. They don’t like to be left alone. They are good with other pets around them. They enjoy human and other animals’ company. If not trained, Cavaliers can chase birds and other small animals. They are not aggressive but sometimes can be stubborn.

Activity level of Cavalier is not very high. They are playful and they are good with going out for a walk. But they can do well inside the house, playing with their toys or just sitting with the owners and being cuddled and loved.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are not very intelligent and it takes time to train them.

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