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5 Reasons Why Your Cat is Meowing and Yowling

(Last Updated On: 13/11/2017)

5 Reasons Why Cats Meowing and Yowling is Not Normal

why do cats meow or why do cats yowl?

The cat’s meow is her strategy for making contact with people. Cats meow for a lot of reasons-to say hello, to ask about for things, and also to inform us when something’s wrong. Meowing is definitely an interesting vocalization in that particulary adult cats don’t actually meow at one another, just at people. Kittens meow to permit their mother know they’re cold or hungry, however when they obtain a bit older, cats no more meow with other cats. However they carry on and meow to the people throughout their lives, probably because meowing gets individuals to do whatever they desire. Cats also yowl-a sound exactly like the meow but more drawn out and melodic.

Do Cats Meow At Each Other

Unlike meowing, adult cats do yowl at each other, specifically throughout breeding season.

When you notice an unusual cat behavior which includes yowling cat at a high pitch, it doesn’t always means your cat is asking for food and you need it feed it, it doesn’t mean you haven’t given enough cat training time, it might be a sign of warning.

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Whenever your cat meows, it doesn’t mean you have to get up and feed it, it will ruin your cat’s behavior and your cat will think that ‘every time I meow in front of the human, the human will give me the food’. This is a clear sign of bad cat training. A cat’s meow may even be a sign of warning, especially when it comes to natural disasters. Cats, along with other animals have natural instincts when it comes to natural disasters. Minutes, or even hours before the natural disaster has to occur, the animals may either leave the area or may even warn others.

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There have been many reports from the cat owners who went through the horrible experience of tsunamis and earthquake that before the disaster occurred, their cats’ meowing was kind of strange. They claimed that the cats started meowing at high pitch or we can say excessive meowing; they started running around the house and wanted to open the windows and doors so that they can get out. One of the cat owners said that he was an expert in cat training and never saw his cat behaving like this. He said that as soon as he got out and was in his garden where his car stopped, the earth shook and his house was in the rubble within seconds. It’s an advice to all cat owners and other pet owners to do keep a check on their pet behavior; an unusual cat behavior or cat constantly meowing may be a sign of warning apart from cat won’t stop meowing.

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Don’t scold or hit your cat for meowing a lot. However these punishments may send her scurrying initially, they’re unlikely to possess a lasting impact on her meowing behavior. They might, however, cause her to get frightened of you.


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