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Reason Why Persian Cats Have Watery Eyes And Tear Stains

(Last Updated On: 11/03/2017)

Cat Watery Eye And Tear Stains

Tear stains are witnessed in cats with flat faces. There are many cat breeds with flat faces but most common of these are Persian, Himalayan, Exotic shorthair, and munchkin cats. The people who keep Persian cats as pets are often found questioning about products, methods or ways to avoid the permanent staining caused by cat watery eye or tearing and cleaning cat eye stains. The continuous moist/rheum makes their way down towards the face along with crease on sides of nose. When this moisture dries up, it turns brown and become crusty as well. If these crusts or dried up tears are going to stay uncleaned for days then there are chances of permanent staining. 

The  image below is perfect illustration of Persian Cat Tear Stains. 

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Cat Tear Stains Causes – Cat Watery Eye

The flat face cats have not enough tear ducts to support their normal eye moisture to stay within the eyes. Rather, the moisture flows downwards. The creases besides nose make a perfect way for the tears to flow. 

Its not necessary that cats are having tearing problem all the time. Sometimes an eye infection, food allergy and environmental change also cause the excessive tearing. It is also possible that cats end up having something prick in their eyes during play or fight. When cat has excessive watery eyes and sneezing then it also suggests that there might be some respiratory infection.  All these possibilities should be kept in mind when cat shows signs of excessive watery eyes.

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Why Tear Stains turn Brown? 

Tears, when dried, take form of brownish or yellowish substance.  The tears could contain many minerals etc and after drying, the effected area becomes brown. These stains could become dark with the passage of time and it is important to cleanse them on time. Cat runny eye is source of staining. 


Notice that a cat with comparatively less flat features has less staining problems.

White Cat Tear Stains 

White colored cats look most effected with tear staining because of their color. The darker shades of cats help to hide the impact of tear staining but it does not mean that dark colored cats do not get tear stains at all, and still need proper eye cleansing.

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