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Termination and Abortion in Cats who are Pregnant

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

Cat Pregnancy Termination

Early cat pregnancy signs could be missed by few people. It is possible that a cat has to go for pregnancy termination or abortion. The reasons for feline abortion could be several and it also depends on the pregnancy term of cat. Cat might’ve been accidentally gone out during heat period and can mate with a stray or another domesticated cat. Cat pregnancy termination could be choice of human or just a necessity. Unwanted cat pregnancy and unwanted kittens are a big concern of cat people. It is important to know about this topic to complete one’s cat pregnancy information.

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Cat Pregnancy Test

The duration of cat’s pregnancy is really small, therefore, if one wants to terminate its cat’s pregnancy then the decision should be made on right time. It is best to confirm if the cat is really pregnant or not. A cat pregnancy test by vet is a best and reliable option. If someone is not certain about the pregnancy then there is no sense in making pregnancy termination plan.

Stages of Labor

If one is keeping an eye on stages of cat’s pregnancy week by week then he/she would be quite sure if timing to terminate the pregnancy are right or not. If cat’s pregnancy due date is near then a vet might not be willing to abort or terminate the pregnancy. It would also seem cruel to decide the cat pregnancy termination in such final timings. That’s why a decision should be made on right time.

Pregnancy term for a cat is just 60-63 days. Every single day matters a lot because the litter is developing inside the cat’s womb. 

Spaying a Pregnant Cat

Can a cat be spayed while pregnant? Would it be appropriate to aborting kittens in order to spay a cat. Spaying is done with the unborn kittens being removed along with cat’s uterus. Overall this procedure helps to make sure that a cat is never in the risk of unwanted pregnancy again. But instead of making such late decision of going for cat’s spaying or hysterectomy, one should stay careful with his/her cat’s reproductive or breeding cycle. 

Cat’s Miscarriage 

It is also possible that a cat’s fetus is not capable to developing and the cat miscarries the litter. In this situation, a cat would start bleeding and the best approach here is to take cat to veterinary care. Sometimes few kittens are survived by performing C-section. But if the pregnancy is in early stages then cat would lose entire litter. 


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