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Stages of Pregnancy in Cats After Mating

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

Stages of Pregnancy in Cats After Mating

Stages of cat pregnancy are important to know because sometimes cats fail to conceive and therefore, the chances of false pregnancy could also appear. Signs of cat pregnancy should be carefully monitored. Its essential to know about cat pregnancy and litter.

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How cats conceive or become pregnant?

The feline reproduction system and its details must be known by people who want to breed their domesticated cats. Cat pregnancy and other reproductive issues must be given careful thought so that cat breeding process could become easier. If someone is not aware that how cats mate and when cat heat cycle starts or when male/female cats are mature enough to start breeding then things might be really complicated.

The Mating Process

Queen” and “tom” cat would engage into the mating process once they find the opportunity. The queen, cat on heat cycle, would be calling the tom cat for mating session and she will continue to do so until the heat cycle disappears. Once the cat is out of that phase, she will immediately become pregnant. Some cats could not become pregnant even after several mating sessions which means that cat is having fertility issues.

The Ovulation

In the heat cycle, during the estrus phase, when cat mates then ovulation period could be 1 to 2 days. Once the ovulation is done and cat mates successfully, her egg gets fertilized. The egg would now rest in uterus for the period of 2 months or 63 days approximately. Cat pregnancy length should be calculated carefully so that delivery needs could be fulfilled. The dietary needs of a pregnant cat must be fulfilled so that she gains strength and healthy litter is born.



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