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Cat Pregnancy: Checking if a Cat is Pregnant

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

Cat Pregnancy: Checking if a Cat is Pregnant


This is probably most important thing to focus on whole cat pregnancy topic. There are so many people who have no idea that how to find out about their cat’s pregnancy length, cat pregnancy signs and stages of cat pregnancy. Cat breeding is considered easy and people often do not pay attention to the signs of cat’s heat cycle and cat mating sessions. Therefore, majority stays uninformed about the fact that their cat has conceived and is pregnant now. Cat Pregnancy test is also possible if signs of cat pregnancy are not clear. Cats and pregnancy has a lot of aspects and we would try to cover all the important information.
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The gestation period is also short. In 60-63 days, if a cat’s owner is not aware about pregnancy then there are so many mistakes that could be made. Cat could be neglected and she might be fed and treated like her normal days. A pregnant cat should be given special food and comfort. Pregnant cats often rest a lot and want to stay confined to some safe place.

The Major Cat Pregnancy Signs

It is important to understand what signs of cat pregnancy are so that all the basic needs of pregnant kitty could be fulfilled.

  • A pregnant cat would feel sick and unrest during her pregnancy’s initial stages. She might throw up a lot as it happens in morning sickness.
  • In the 3rd week of cat’s pregnancy, her nipples area would become different. The nipples would enlarge and become dark pink. This is big physical sign of cat’s pregnancy before her belly starts growing.
  • The cat would eat more. She would probably look hungry all the time and it might be bit worrying for few people that why their cat is eating so much? This important sign should be kept in mind. It is also seen that some cats do not eat much and feel sick instead. But mostly cat’s appetite would increase.
  • The cat would start looking for safe places in or around the house for her delivery purpose. She would search for places that are far reaching and not easily accessible by other members of the house. Cat would also start alienating from other pets. She would not engage into playing activities either.
  • A pregnant cat would look anxious, upset and restless as well.
  • Cat’s body weight would increase around 1-2 kg depending upon the number of kittens formed inside her. Similarly, her belly would swell up. It is best if cat’s owners do not hold cat much during this time because there are chances to put pressure on cat’s belly.

Cat pregnancy is not as easy as it looks. Be a responsible cat breeder and read all the essential things about cat breeding and health.

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