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How Long Does Cat Pregnancy Last

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

How Long Does Cat Pregnancy Last


People often get so confuse about duration and stages of cat pregnancy or how long does cat pregnancy lasts? It is important to know about pregnancy signs and cat pregnancy stages. All questions regarding cat breeding process need to be answered in detailed way because cat breeders usually know what they are doing but people who keep cats as pets usually do not know everything. Sometimes cats end up with unwanted pregnancy and this is where things become critical. Cats and pregnancy is a never ending cycle if it is done in an uncontrolled way. The cat’s heat cycle should be monitored carefully and this is exactly the time where breeding process starts. 

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Let’s learn more about cat pregnancy information:

Cat Pregnancy Week by Week

The period of 60-65 days of cat’s pregnancy is a short time. The cat needs to be under a comfortable and relaxing environment during this period.

Normally, this period starts from mating and conceiving. The mating, if happens during estrus cycle, leads to pregnancy. A responsible cat owners needs to make sure that “queen” had access to “tom” and they were in the same premises for the mating purpose.

Third week is most important because the organs of the kittens start developing. The cat’s physical signs of pregnancy appear in the form of swollen nipples.

In fourth week, cat’s abdomen starts growing bigger and one could feel that cat is gaining weight and there are clear signs of pregnancy.

In the beginning, cat might feel sick and she would not eat much, but as time goes on, cat’s appetite increases. She will ask for food all the time. Mostly, cats sit by their food plates because it becomes a behavior of pregnant cat.

The later weeks of cat’s pregnancy should be packed by resting, eating, purring and nesting. Cat will start to settle down in a proper nesting place where she would eventually deliver her litter.

By the end of eighth week, cat would become really big in size and she might reduce her activity level a lot. This is a very sensitive time and cat could go into labor any time as eighth week starts. Some cats go into early labor and some might not be ready until the very end of ninth week. Even more stressful is when cat goes into early labor and then deliver only one or two kittens and then holds back her labor pains. It is best to give time to the cat (24-30 hours) and if other kittens are not born after 2 days, then it is advised to take the cat to vet.



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