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Cat Nip Leads to a Happy Cat

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Cat nip is the Nepata Cataria which is actually a species of mint plant and is famous all around the world, especially among cats. The plant produces a substance which attracts cats towards it and they feel relaxed and loved by it. One may see how a domestic and a wild cat would go crazy with a catnip plant, may lick it, roll over or even rub their body against it. The substance from this plant is now added in different items and products which is available for cat’s enjoyment. Now one can easily get catnip and its products in the market without any problems.

cat nip 1 300x300 - Cat Nip Leads to a Happy Cat

Is your cat very lazy? Would just lie around, have food and then rest all day. Is your cat boring? Then add some excitement, some hyper-ness and some exercise in their life with the Kong Natural catnip. Your cat will for sure love you for bringing this home. All one needs to do is, take a little amount out on a piece of newspaper or another large paper, your cat will come running towards it, will lie down, roll over and even get happy with excitement. This is perfect for the lazy and overweight cats.

Do you have a cat that is very timid and is usually cranky? With the Natural Pet Premium Quality Catnip, the cat will come running out from its hiding place and will be happy with excitement. The cat will run here and there, will roll over in excitement and may even show its belly. This is very helpful for those cats which have behavioral issues and are very aggressive. This catnip will help in soothing them down and it may even open doors to a healthy and loving relationship between the cat and the owner. Your cat will always be after you to keep the catnip out.

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If your cat is usually dull and lazy, it won’t get attracted to any sorts of toys and will ignore them, then its time you get the Hedgehog Catnip Toy by Kong. This top is full of catnip. In case your cat is a lazy butt, it will always get attracted and active with this toy and may want to play with it all day long. If your cat will have this toy, especially the one which is lazy, you will be surprised to see how it gets attracted towards it and you may want to take it.  One may also find it in Rat and Beaver designs.

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cat nip 4 300x287 - Cat Nip Leads to a Happy Cat

cat nip 5 300x287 - Cat Nip Leads to a Happy Cat

Those who don’t want to purchase catnip toys and want to put the old ones in use can for the Kong Catnip Spray. This cat nip spray can be sprayed on different toys, and in case one has purchased a cat house or a cat bed and the cat doesn’t uses it, then they can use this spray to keep the cat attracted towards it. The house and the bed will then be put defiantly into use and the money spent on it won’t be wasted.

cat nip 6 300x287 - Cat Nip Leads to a Happy Cat

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