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Cat Mouth Problems

(Last Updated On: 08/02/2017)

Cat Mouth Problems

Cat’s mouth is sensitive to infections and diseases. Cats are predators and they are always looking for food. If cats are kept indoors and they eat carefully provided and hygienic food then they could be saved from many oral infections. But sometimes cat mouth problems cannot be avoided. Cat mouth sores, stomatitis  in cats, ulcers in cats mouths are some major mouth problems in cats. These mouth problems occur due to more than one reason.

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Drooling Problem

There are times when cats drool. But this problem is not health related mostly. Cats drool as an expression of love, affection and attention of their human. Drooling during purring is very common. During purring, cats are really excited and they start drooling. If drooling seems to be really abnormal or happening more frequently then it could be sign of worry. In this case, take the cat to veterinary doctor for oral and physical examination.

The other reasons of drooling could be:

  • Gums problems
  • Pseudo rabies
  • Renal problems
  • Foreign objects in mouth
  • Poisoning
  • Respiratory problems or Flu
  • Medicines or syrups
  • Nausea

Dry Mouth

Some cats develop dry mouth problem or Xerostomia. Saliva production in cat’s mouth becomes less and the tongue, gums and teeth all appear to be really dry and hard. The cat is not able to eat properly with a dry mouth. This problem is linked with kidney diseases as well and happens mostly in older cats.

Bad Breathe

Bad breathe or odor from cat’s mouth could be indication of some oral problem. Either the cat needs teeth cleaning as bad breathe is due to tartar or there is some cancerous or infectious disease.


Stomatitis is gums inflammation and it could further lead to mouth ulcer and cancer. Stomatitis makes the cat’s mouth vulnerable for all kind of bacteria attacks and infections. This could happen in kittens as well during teething period when gums are really sensitive and soft. Drooling, bad breath and pain, all are witnessed by cat in this oral problem.

Dental Diseases

Mouth problems are directly related to dental issues. The major issues include gingivitis and tooth abscess and excessive plaque on teeth.

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Common Symptoms of all Mouth Problems

Almost all cat mouth problems have similar symptoms. Some of these symptoms are visible and some takes time to be noticed by the cat’s owner. It is necessary that the cat’s owner monitor the cat’s eating habits carefully to find out if the cat is suffering from any of mouth disease.

The major symptoms include:

Inability to eat or chew – even if the cat is hungry, she is unable to chew properly and therefore she would leave the food without eating it

Tartar on teeth – teeth would appear extremely dirty and there would be no shine in teeth as well

Sensitivity of gums or gum bleeding would also happen. Similarly the gums would appear swollen or red

Bad breath – due to mouth infections, the smell of mouth would become really bad and indicate that there is something seriously wrong inside mouth

Excessive lips licking or sign of mouth dryness

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Remedies to Avoid Oral Problems

There are few things which could maintain the oral health of cats. Frequent brushing of cat’s teeth is a good thing to do, although it is difficult because mostly cats resist it.

Check up by veterinary doctor is also necessary to make sure that cat is healthy and no signs of illness are shown from oral examination.

Cat mouth problems are mostly signs of some other diseases and therefore should be taken seriously.

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