Cat in a Box – If I fits, I sits

Cat in a Box If I fits, I sits

Cats never fail to amaze humans. Cat box fever is extremely funny. Cats are like those mysterious creatures which lure humans and make them fall in love. Cats rule everywhere, specially over the vast galaxy of internet. There is not a single day when interesting pictures of cats and cats in boxes videos are not being shared over social media websites. People who own these cats, they proudly present the beauty of these kitties by capturing them in the photographs. Ever seen cat in a box and wondered how happy she is looking?

cat in a box

If I fits I sits is also an interesting series of cat pictures where the naughty cats are shown sitting inside any object with a narrow and confined boundary. Why cats love boxes? Several theories are made up to answer this question. It could not be denied that any or all of these theories are wrong but it is still a big question mark because cats do not fail to surprise humans every time they sit inside some unexpected object.

Some of most loved objects where cats love to sit or hide are as follows:


Cat in Cardboard box or plastic box of any size, any color and placed anywhere. It should be just a box and cat will happily honor it by sitting inside it for as long as she desires. Those are the happiest moments in any cat’s life when grocery, courier or gifts come in boxes. Where humans are interested in the contents of the box, cats simply focus on the box itself. Those companies which claim that packing of a product is really important marketing aspect, have got a very cat-like mind. If cats go shopping, they would buy all stuff that comes with boxes. Cat in a box is like a child with his/her favorite toy.


Basket, plastic, wooden or any sort of basket would do. Smaller the size of basket, happier the cat inside it. If the basket is used for laundry then it is going to be a divine experience. If sometimes there is no basket and laundry is simple folded and placed anywhere, cats would compromise by sitting on the folded garments until a better location is found.

Food Bowls

It might sound really weird but cats, specially kittens, love food bowls. Bowls are placed at dining tables or kitchen counters and these two places are favorites of any pet cat. So, cat would happily jump into it and could even fall asleep. Bowls are cozy, its sad that humans could not experience it.

Other objects where cats love to fit include shoes, drawers, cabinets and any toys found around the house. Above all, cats love to adjust into the lap of their humans even if the space is really less and humans is not welcoming them.

Here are the pictures from “if I fits I sits” series by Purrsngrrs. More pictures of cat in a box would be shared in another post, until then, enjoy these.


cat in a box     cat in a box

cat in a boxcat in a box

cat in a box  cat in a box

cat in a box cat in a box

cat in a box cat in a box  cat in a boxcat in a box  cat in a boxcat in a box cat in a box   cat in a box

cat in a box cat in a box  cat in a box cat in a box cat in a box cat in a box cat in a box cat in a box    cat in a box cat in a box



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