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Cat Housing Techniques and DIY Tips

(Last Updated On: 29/03/2017)

Cat Housing Techniques and DIY Tips

Pet cats are members of family. Pet cats costumes, accessories and other stuff is available in so much variety. Another important thing to bring home for cats is their bed or house. 

Cat housing is another important matter to be known in detail by cat owners. Traditionally, cats are thought of as self sufficient animals, not only in terms of grooming themselves but also in terms of need for companionship. However, due to restrained environment, domestic indoor cats not only need sustenance from their owners but also companionship, mental stimulation and suitable surroundings that make them feel at home. Adopting a pet cat is thus a great responsibility and has to be taken seriously; in exchange the cat provides loving company and deep comfort.

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Bedding material for cat beds

New kittens and aging cats especially seek comfort and care from their surroundings. They tend to sleep at one place and require soft surfaces to sleep on, thus they are the ones who use cat beds the most. Cat beds can be bought from the market or be made using shallow baskets or cartons. The bedding is the most important thing in a cat bed, for its texture and cleanliness will decide the frequency with which the cat uses it.

  • The bedding should be of made of easily washable material; cats only choose to sleep on clean surfaces.
  • Normal cat temperature is much lower than that of humans, thus the bedding should be warm. Flannel blankets can be used.
  • Clean oat straw can also be used as bedding; its texture allows cats to keep their coats clean by rolling and turning in it.
  • In case the cat gets infected with fleas, the bedding should be sprinkled with cat-flea powder.

Housing Adult Cats

Adult pet cat housing is probably easiest. Cats like to take care of their own sleeping arrangements, thus a special sleeping basket might not work for them as well as it works for young kittens. They like sleeping on elevated surfaces from where they can keep an eye on their surroundings and keep themselves safe from young children or dogs. These elevated places also provide them with challenge and essential exercise, thus instead of setting up cat beds, it is advisable to set up various activity centers for older cats.

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  • The owner’s bed, sofa, furniture works very well and is a desired cat’s bed. Special cat beds are usually expensive and rarely used by cats, but if a basket is installed, then it should be shallow and wide, placed on an elevated surface, in a cozy corner, near sunlight.
  • Setting up shelves above ground level can act as perch. These should be made of non slip surface to ensure safety of the cat.
  • Tall scratching posts can provide cats with challenging exercise and installing platforms at intervals along this post can act as resting place too. These posts will also help cats in maintaining their claws and thus keep them away from scratching furniture.
  • Tall furniture with flat surfaces also provides cats with hiding and sleeping places. A free standing cupboard or book shelves can be ideal for this purpose.
  • Pasting piece of a roughly trimmed carpet to the wall presents cats with scratching areas and challenging climbing frames.
  • Cats do not like to be confined in small areas. Cat flaps should be installed on doors of the rooms so as to let the cats come and go as they please. These cat flaps should have a bolt on them so as to let the owner restrict some parts of the house at certain times.

Housing Multiple Cats

Cat housing is easy when a single cat is being kept. Cats are usually solitary and jealous animals and housing multiple cats together can be tough, especially when it comes to two males living under the same roof. They do not like competition and need to feel emotionally secure so as not to act aggressively towards other pets or even the owner. Introducing a new cat in the household and have multiple cats can thus be a problem. There are multiple stages that cats go through towards accepting new pets, different housing arrangements can be made by owner to make sure cats adjust as quickly as possible.

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  • Initially it is a good idea not to keep cats in the same room for long periods of time. Keep the new cat in a large cage for a few hours and let the old cat roam around it and snip it properly so that they can get used to each others scent.
  • Try rubbing both the cats with the same towel so that they can get each others scent on their body. This tip will help in housing multiple cats under the same roof.
  • In the beginning, feed the new cat first in a bowl, and then using the very same bowl, feed your old cat. This way you can have a successful multiple cat housing.
  • Cats do not like sharing resources in general, so a food bowl should be separated so that there is no aggression between cats and both the cats get as much food as they want. Use this tip only when they are eating together, otherwise in start you have to use the same food bowl
  • Provide enough toys to keep the cats distracted and content.
  • Once the cats realize that they do not have to fight for food or attention of the owner, they will gradually start accepting each other and start eating from same food bowl.
  • When housing multiple cats together, you may want two litter boxes. Cat’s like to their bathroom job privately in their private area so multiple cat housing could be pretty expensive.

Housing Kittens

In case of adopting new kittens special care has to be taken in their housing needs. They need ample comfort and attention during their early stage so they do not miss their mother and previous surroundings.

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  • A cozy basket or cat house with flannel blanket on its base should be laid down on the floor level to provide the kitten with a comfortable home.
  • Placing a hot water bottle in the basket helps the kitten feel warm and placing various cat toys around the basket or can help in keeping the kitten busy and distracted.
  • The basket or cat house should be placed in such an area which receives sunlight and is drought free- a convenient corner, near a window is an ideal place.
  • It should not be moved from its place so that the kitten knows where to find its home.
  • As a safety measure, the basket should be placed on the floor so that it is not toppled over by the kitten and for the initial week or so it should be placed in a confined area, like a room, so that the kitten does not wander all over the house.
  • The basket and its filling should be kept absolutely clean so that the kitten happily returns to it.

Safety Precautions

Cat housing is a tricky task. Apart from making special arrangements for the cats, owners should also make sure that their house is safe for the cats. Cats are curious and like to explore, thus they are likely to sniff and play with all things that are new to them. Items like kitchen appliances, open wires, sewing box, and poisonous materials should be kept away from cats. It should also be made sure that windows, especially those on upper floors are secure so as to ensure safety of the cat.


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