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Cat Costumes for your Cat and You

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Cats are one of the most loved and commonly kept pets around the world. When we talk about a cat, we shouldn’t only consider the small four legged furry animals; in fact we should also keep in the mind the wild large cats. Cats also make one of the most common themes for Halloween and costume parties. There are many cat costumes available which are perfect for men, women, children and even other pets around. One can get a lion, leopard, tiger, pussy cat and other types of costumes easily in the market and also different online stores such as Amazon.

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If you want to dress your cat up for an event or just because you are in a mood, then you should go for the Lion Mane Wig Costume. This costume consisted of a lion wane and year which can be worn around the head and the neck. The color and the fur are so natural that it will actually make your cat look like a miniature version of a lion. Those cats that are short haired will look like perfect mini lions, however the long haired ones may even look cuter, just imagine a cute furry small lion version!

Another costume for cats is the Bumble Bee Costume. As the name suggests, this costume is of a bumble bee and may suit a cat very well. Moreover, cat will find themselves relatively more comfortable in this dress because of no clothing material present on the paws and cats may walk and run freely in them without irritation. The costume comes in black and yellow color with two cute antennas and also a pair of small wings. The costume is also perfect for small breed dogs and pups of medium and large breeds.

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Is your daughter going to have a costume party or a Halloween party at her school or friend’s place? Is she looking for the perfect costume of cat? Then she should go for the Black Cat Ear and Tail Costume for girls. This is a complete black dress which comes with a shirt and pant in black color, there is a long tail on the bottom back area of the pant representing the cat’s tail. The costume also comes with a head band which as cat ears on it and also a cat bow tie in black color. Adult can also paint the child’s face with a black nose and whiskers.

cat costumes 3 300x300 - Cat Costumes for your Cat and You

One can also go for the plain accessories of the cat costumes. One can find the Ears and Tail cat costume by the BT Group. This just has pair of ears and a tail. The ear comes in a headband, they are large and furry and it also comes with a long furry tail in black color. Another similar costume set is the Black Cat Accessory Set. This set comes in with a furry headband having large pointed ears on the top and also a long furry tail. Another additional item in this set is a furry bow tie which can be worn around the neck. One should add black clothes to both of these items.

cat costumes 4 300x300 - Cat Costumes for your Cat and You

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