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What do fleas look like?

What do fleas look like? Adult Cat Fleas are around 1 inch long and are mostly dark colored. They dont have any wings so fleas rely on their 6 legs for jumping from host to host. Fleas can jump 6 times their size. Their body is covered with hair and …

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5 Easy Ways of Removing Cat Fleas

Cat fleas

5 Easy Ways of Removing Cat fleas. One of the main problem that we face is removing cat fleas. There are a lot of cat flea products available in the market but before using them we should always see their reviews and check which product is good. We cant use …

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Most Adorable Long Hair Cat Breeds

long hair cat breeds

Long Hair Cat Breeds Usually longhair cat breeds are preferred over shorthair cat breeds because they appear more adorable and fluffy to a person when compared. Though the longhair cat breeds result in massive hair fall but the experienced cat owners and cat parents take care of it and brush …

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Can You Wash Your Cat With Baby Shampoo?

can you wash your cat with baby shampoo

Can You Wash Your Cat With Baby Shampoo? When it comes to cleaning a cat with water and shampoo her to clean her fur from all the dirt etc., the big questions arise. These questions typically include the information regarding the method to shampoo cat and about the shampoo itself. …

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Early Signs of Spotting Cat Pregnancy

early cat pregnancy signs

Early Cat Pregnancy Signs The early cat pregnancy signs starts appearing after third week of pregnancy. Its good to know about all the cat pregnancy information because it helps a lot to find out that what are the signs of pregnancy in a cat. Several cat pregnancy problems could be …

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Easy Steps of Bathing a Cat Without Getting Clawed

12312043 10206822520776259 1845610326 n - Easy Steps of Bathing a Cat Without Getting Clawed

How to Bathe A Cat One of most important things to learn for cat keepers is how to bathe a cat properly? People often get into arguments regarding “why should we bathe our cats?”. They think that there cats are self-sufficient in order to clean themselves; so why should humans …

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