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Can Cats Get Cold?

can cats get cold?

Can Cats Get Cold? During the winter season cats can get cold weather they are indoor or an outside house cats.  A cat sneezing can be related to several different things. She might have sucked dust from the litter tray or might have some kind of allergy,we all get really …

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Do cats have periods?

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Do cats have periods? We often get confuse with the fact that do cats get their periods? But which haven’t been spayed, do cats have periods but not like humans. Do female cats bleed? they don’t bleed, instead they have heat cycles which are also called “Estrus”. Estrus or Heat …

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How Long Do Cats Live?

how long do cats live

How Long Do Cats Live?   How long do cats live? This is a pretty good question because all of us love our pet cat and we always fear that one day we will lose them. The life expectancy differs, outdoor cats can live upto 7 years whereas domesticated indoor …

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How Long Can Cats Live?

How long can cats live

How Long Can Cats Live? This is a very interesting question. How long cat cats live? Most of us have asked this question a number of times from our vets and other cat experts. Cats can normally live up to 14 to 18 years but it all depends on their …

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5 Easy Tips of Lion Cut for Cats

Persian Cat’s Grooming in Summer - 5 Easy Tips of Lion Cut for Cats

Lion Cut for Cats Lion cut for cats is very famous technique for cat grooming. Lion cut cats has its pros and cons and sometimes people think if lion cut is cruel or bad. Cats with lion cuts look extremely cute though. Persian and Himalayan cat grooming is usually done …

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Are Flea Collars Safe for Cats?

We’ve all heard about flea collar for cats but are they actually safe for our cats? they are certainly quite handy and save our time but actually, flea collars for cats are pretty dangerous. Cat Flea collar come in different types High frequency cat flea collars: These flea collars for …

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5 Reasons Why cats are scared of cucumbers

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Why cats are scared of cucumbers? Cats are profoundly inquisitive animals. Late confirmation proposes that these minor lions consider us to be inessential landowners, or garbage, hide lacking little cats. Another web rage including our catlike sidekicks has disclosed another bit of peculiar data: For some completely odd reason, they …

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(Updated) Causes of Ear Infection in cats

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Ear infection in cats My cat’s ears have an awful scent. What might it be able to be?” “My little cat has been scratching her ears. The ears have dim, brittle material in them. What should I do?” These are the absolute most normally made inquiries of veterinarians. Felines don’t …

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