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Why Cat breeding Shouldn’t be Taken Lightly

(Last Updated On: 18/04/2017)

Why Cat breeding Shouldn’t be Taken Lightly

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Resisting adorable, tiny kittens is impossible. Cat breeding is the process of mating cats resulting in kittens. Cat breeding is not an ad hoc activity and needs to be taken seriously. Some preparation needs to be done and selections need to be made before one opts for raising kittens.  Pet cats can easily be bred at home if one researches well and acquires enough knowledge on the topic.

Cat breeding should only take place if breeders are highly serious and are able to arrange loving homes for the kittens. If these deliberations are not taken care of, owners may give an upsurge to several stray cats and the best pre-emptive measure for this is to go for neutering or spaying.


One should not conisder cats as a tool for making money. Today we may come across many poeple who may claim themselves to be called breeders. In order to make quick money, they may breed cat more than once in a year, they may also mate different breeds with other giving birth to mixed breeds and claiming them to be pure. Cat breeding is a serious business, and should only be performed by those who are breeder by professiona, have CFA certified cats (check for the papers) and are those who actually love cats and are doing it because of passion and so that love can be shared with others. There are many seasonal breeders, so all should be careful and should not perform Cat breeding just for the sake of earning some money.

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