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11 Different Cat Behaviors That Seems Random But Really Are They

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

11 Different Cat Behaviors and What do They Mean

Whether it’s a wildcat, domestic cat or tamed cat, all cats behave in the very same way and have very same characteristics. The wild female cat gives birth to her cubs in an den which is dark and safe from predators, whereas a household cat looks for a sleek and dark place to give birth to her kittens.

Understanding cat behavior is essential for every cats owner.

As the Cats are moody so Cat behavior changes time to time. All cats like to eat their meal alone (lion is an exception), these are territorial animals and whether they are in the house or wild they mark their territory by spraying or depositing feces in places. All cats lick each other to spread their scent, and they lick themselves clean. Cats sleep a great deal during the day and they are highly active at night, however if a household cat is trained well this can be reversed.

How cat behaviors explained???

Below mentioned are some of evident strange cat behaviors and characteristics:

Cat Behavior Tail Movement

Cat’s tail movement: Cats can move their tail in several different positions and each type of movement describes different behavior. Cat tail flicking, cats can basically tell about their mood by the movement of their tail. You can read in detail about different tail moods by visiting Cat’s communication through tail movement.

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Cat Nap

Cats sleep a lot and in hot countries they might sleep 18 hours in a day and then they feed themselves and stay active in the cooler hour which is the night. Cats do not sleep in longer stretches but in a series of short period of time. If you observe a cat sleeping you might see that one of its eyes is partially open, this is because so it can keep an eye out if there is any danger.

Putting Our Head Together

When cats are living in a group in wild, or if there is more than one cat in the house, they usually rub their heads together. This is a sign of affection and that they have no intention of fighting.  Young does this very often to show their love or when they are excited.


Cats often rub their bodies against the human leg; this is a sign of affection. Apart from that this behavior of them spreads the scent of a cat on the human. So if you are roaming out and you wonder why stray cats are following you then this is the sign that they can smell you are a cat person.

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Rolly Polly

Cats roll over their back and show their stomach, this is a sign of affection or asking the owner to rub their belly. Cats only expose their belly when they feel completely secure and confident with their owners or with other cats. Females usually lie on their backs and do Rolly Polly when they are in heat.

Leaving A Message

As mentioned earlier, cats are territorial animals and so they mark their territory by spraying or depositing feces. Cats mark their territory with their urine and other secretions from their glands, they backs up on a post, wall, furniture or any other object, they lift their rump high with tail held straight up and then discharge the strong pungent smell. Males usually spray however females also spray. Female cats also leave a message by rubbing their vagina on different objects when in heat; a transparent liquid is left which attracts male cats.

Smartening Up

Cats like to sharp their claws to maintain it in better shape. This sharpening of the claws is done to keep the claws clean and to stretch body as a part of an exercise. In the past we had seen many cat owners getting annoyed of this activity and they declawed their cats, however de-clawing of cat is cruel. Owners can install a scratching post or can keep their nails trim to avoid their furniture getting ruined with scratches.

Attacking Position

When a cat is in attacking or warning position, it usually curves its back up and the fur is standing straight. Ears are flattened and a cat hisses which indicates that it’s a warning to step back or I’ll attack. The tail is also lowered and is waived.

Friend Or Foe

Cats are territorial animals and so they value their personal space. If there is an unknown cat visiting other cat it usually teat others reaction by exploratory paw, by this method it tries going near to the cat. If negative reaction is received then the cat backs off and pretends to be interested in something else and away from that marked territory.

Love Bites

One More Behavior of cats are cat behavior biting. Cats love to bite their owners. This is a sign of affection and does not really hurt. The cat will bite their owner’s flesh very lightly and will not pierce through the skin. These love bites are kind of kisses just like dogs licks their owners, cats’ bites their owners.

Wet Nose kisses

Cats nose is usually wet due to perspiration or licking, they usually rub their wet nose against human which is a sign of love and affection.

Are The Cats Act Weird?? If So Why ?

Even though you’ve endured them for many years, cat behavior could be weird, and sudden changes might be frustrating. It may appear to be your misbehaving cat wants to ruin your way of life, but she could actually be letting you know that something is wrong.

Reason Of Cat Acting Weird Or Your Cat Acting Strange:

  • Your cat seems depressed.
  • You cat is in stressed.
  • Your cat feels threatened.
  • Your cat might be sick.
  •  Your cat is a jerk.

Cat behavior could vary from cat to cat, or breed to breed. Whenever someone is adopting or buying a cat, make sure that she is getting proper attention. Lonely cats end up being emotionally disturbed and stressed. 

you can easily judge the behavior by cat behavior body language.On the other hand If it is difficult to judge the cats behavior you can concern any cat behaviorist, cat behavior specialist or cat behavior expert or even you may read cat behavior books as well.


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