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Carlson Pet Gate – Extra Wide & Extra Tall

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Carlson Pet Gate

carlson pet gate - Carlson Pet Gate - Extra Wide & Extra Tall

No matters how much we hate to see our pets restricted inside the house, we all need to limit their activity areas. There are several reasons to restrict pets to certain house areas; especially from kitchen and dining room. Carlson pet gate is a best-selling product that makes it possible for pet owners to restrict the pets from entering into certain rooms. These pet gates are installed in the doors of specific rooms or staircases. Pets, mostly dogs, need to be restricted because they tend to put their mouth into edible items and also damaged some expensive furnishings. So it is not a bad or cruel thought to restrict them to certain area.


 Product Details

carlson pet gate3 198x300 - Carlson Pet Gate - Extra Wide & Extra Tall


Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door –

The extra-wide version of gate is a steel gate with 2 extensions, 4 inches and 6 inches, which could cover the total width of up to 44 inches. The height of this pet gate is 30 inches. This product could be purchased for $49 from Amazon.com.

Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door –

The extra-tall version of  gate is a steel gate with 1 extension of 6 inches. The gate could cover the total width from 29 inches to 40 inches max. The height of the pet gate is 41 inches. This product could be purchased for $41.50 from Amazon.com with free shipping in US.

Non-chewable Steel:

The steel gate is not chewable and it is perfect for keeping dogs away.

Small door:

The pet gate has a small door for smaller pets to pass through easily. This amazing feature in this pet gate makes it desirable for those who have cats and dogs both as pets and they only want to restrict the big dogs from certain areas; whereas smaller pets (even smaller dogs) are easily able to pass through.

Easy to Install:

The product comes with all the fixing and installing screws and spindle rods. The installation process of Carlson pet gate is so easy and it could be easily put down as well when not needed.

Average Rating

The customer review of this pet gate made by Carlson is mostly positive. The average rating is above 4 on the scale of 5 which shows how much customers love this product. The rating of extra-wide gate is higher and even the purchase of extra-wide is higher as compared to extra-tall.

The people who have loved Carlson pet gate have mostly loved the small door feature and easy installation of the gate. Another great feature is that this gate is made of steel which is non-toxic and harmless for pets. Also it has an easy one-touch release handle.

The Flaws

Although this product is amazing for majority of pet owners out there, yet is comes with certain flaws. The latch or lock of the gate is on the upper side and the gate could be pushed and opened from its lower side by big dogs. Secondly, for smart dogs, it is not a big deal to find out the weaker corners of the gates and to push or bend the rods. So, heavy and large dogs might not consider this gate as a hurdle to their road to kitchen area. One more flaw is that some pets (average size) might be able to make their way from within the rods of gate, hence making this gate useless.

carlson pet gate2 300x300 - Carlson Pet Gate - Extra Wide & Extra Tall

Overall Verdict

This gate should be installed only after analyzing the strength of your dog. If you think that your dog is of certain age and size which allows him/her to sit behind the gate and do not try to crawl from the small pet door or in between the rods. Otherwise this pet gate will be of no benefit.

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