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Canine Viral Diseases – Distemper Virus

(Last Updated On: 28/03/2017)

Canine Distemper Virus

One of the biggest canine viral diseases is “Distemper”. Distemper does not act on all dogs with same intensity. Dogs with high immunity could fight with distemper virus but those dogs that are weak and cannot bear the intensity of distemper might die. Dogs in their childhood are vaccinated against viral diseases and distemper is also one of them. Still there are chances that dog suffer from this terrible viral disease in his lifetime. It is an obligatory for all dog owners to have their dogs vaccinated but sometimes the immunity of dogs doesn’t help much.

dog being vaccinated vp - Canine Viral Diseases - Distemper Virus

Puppies are major target of distemper because they have lower immunity and zero immunity in case they are not vaccinated. Dogs of less than 1 year of age should be closely monitored against any signs that could be of distemper.


This virus attacks the respiratory system of dogs. The symptoms would be of any common cold and fever but they would be intense and dog would suffer from weakness. The loss of appetite would make the dog’s health even worse. Diarrhea, vomiting and loss of weight would start occurring.

The nose and foot pads of dogs start thickening after a while. This is the highly critical stage of this disease. The white blood cells also start decreasing and this could only be diagnosed after blood test.

Cause of Distemper Virus

Distemper virus is a strong virus. This same virus causes measles in humans. If the house is kept clean and disinfectants are used around the house then it is hard for this virus to survive in the environment. Also it is better that dogs are not in contact with other dogs having distemper virus.

disease parvovirus in dogs - Canine Viral Diseases - Distemper Virus

Prevention of Distemper Virus

In the list of canine viral diseases, distemper is on the top. It is essential to vaccinate all the puppies once they are around 3 months old. If dogs are not vaccinated on right time, they are having high risks of getting viral diseases. The breeders should vaccinate the female dogs before breeding them.

How to Treat Distemper Virus?

The distemper virus could be treated by the supportive treatment. This supportive treatment includes anti-biotic, fluid diet through drips and other fever control medicines.

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