Canine Influenza

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

The Canine Influenza

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So you notice your dog coughing, sneezing and having runny nose, well then it’s a clear sign of having Canine Influenza or you can say Dog Flu. Canine Influenza can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection and this can be spread very rapidly through from one dog to another. Dogs are not immune to the influenza virus and so may get infected with it very quickly. To prevent these vaccines is required for both pups and adult dogs.

Dog Flu can easily be transmitted very easily to one dog to another, and can spread rapidly in a neighborhood full of dogs. If your dog is sniffing other dog or playing with it then they can easily catch the virus. If you hear about an outbreak of Canine Influenza then avoid taking your dog to Doggie Park or other public places where there are many dogs present.

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The symptoms of a Dog Flu are that you will notice your dog coughing, sneezing, it will be having runny nose. Your dog will also become lazy, there will be loss of appetite and you will notice the warm body temperature too. Your vet can also check for symptoms of Lethargy. If you notice these symptoms in your dog then don’t panic and take it to the vet. Canine Influenza is not a serious issue, it’s more like the common cold in humans, however vet attention is required so that the virus can be treated and your dog can relax. Dog Flu has a very low fatality rate, it can go only worse when not treated and it may turn into pneumonia and this can be very fatal for your dog, so vet’s attention is required even in mild cases.

Diagnosing and treatment of Canine Influenza

Your vet will diagnose Canine Influenza thorough physical examination and by taking your dogs body temperature. Dog Flu can be treated with a few medicines, and with your love, care and attention. Your vet will prescribe a few antibiotic medicines along with nutrition supplements for dog’s health and energy. During this time period, you should provide a quite relax time for to your dog. Let it relax in your warm couch and bed, you may even sleep snuggled with it to keep it relaxed and happy. Supply warm home based food which should have enough of warm chicken stock or broth which your dog can drink and it will also help in curing chest congestion.

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Many dog owners and other people have a misconception that they might catch Dog Flu too however this is not possible. Canines have other influenza virus while humans have another. If you notice your dog is having Canine Influenza symptoms then stop going for walks, doggie parks or other places and make an appointment for your vet. If you have more than one dog, and one of the dog is showing symptoms then its recommended you give another dog antibiotic shots and keep them separated or their things separated such as separate full bowls, toys and water bowls. Keep your environment clean and tidy. Use antibacterial cleaners to mop the floor and to clean hard surfaces in order to avoid virus and bacteria to spread.

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