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Canaries Bird Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 28/03/2017)


Canaries are named after the “Canary Island” in Spain and the name given to them by scientists is Serinus Canaria. Canary is mostly yellow and very delicate bird with a lot of fluff on their body. Most of us are familiar with the chirpy Looney Toon character, Tweety, who is also a Canary bird. Male canary is well known for their singing abilities and sound mimicking.  Canary is considered to be beautiful, smart little bird that make great pet.

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Physical Description

Canary is small and fragile bird ranging from about 4-8 inches in size, and weigh around 0.4 to 1 ounce with short and slightly plump body.

The most famous and wild Canary is yellow green in color with a brownish streak on the back and wings. Other Canary birds range from white with yellow streaks such as the American singer and grey or yellow with a grey head and back.

The beak and feet of Canary are pale in color.

Sub Breeds

There are several various breeds of Canary birds that are divided into three groups: “Song birds, Colorbred and Type Canary”.

  • Song birds sing well in different musical notes and patterns. Breeds include: American singer, Persian singer, Roller, Spanish Timbardo Canary etc.
  • Colorbreds are beautiful birds and are bred for their various color patterns, each single one has a range of different colored feathers composing their gorgeous look. Breeds include: Bronze, Cinnamon, Red factor, Mosaic Canary etc.
  • Type Canary is bred for its shape and conformation; basically any features in looks that are apart from their color type or singing ability such as size. Breeds include: Belgium, Crested, Norwish, Yorkshire Canary etc.

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All birds are naturally intelligent creatures but it is hard to appreciate their intelligence unless they are trained to perform tricks. If intelligent is compared in the sense of talking then canary cannot talk yet its music is highly famous and well known all over the world. Canary is a pet that is known to be kept by Royalty. Canaries cannot learn tricks as quickly or as well as other large highly intelligent parrots but their intelligence is moderate and can be trained to easily shake hands or follow commands or play with items hidden in a box etc.

Life span

Canary life span varies because they have been reproduced in so many ways which combines some characteristics of other bird types too. The average life span of Canary is from 10 to 15 years, although Canary can live up to 20 years.  Females are less likely to live longer.

Some people suggest that Canary in captivity can last longer because it is free from environmental dangers, but that’s not entirely true. Canary in captivity can get sick due to lack of proper food, mental stress or simply due to unnatural environment.

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