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Can You Wash Your Cat With Baby Shampoo?

(Last Updated On: 05/12/2017)

Can You Wash Your Cat With Baby Shampoo?

When it comes to cleaning a cat with water and shampoo her to clean her fur from all the dirt etc., the big questions arise. These questions typically include the information regarding the method to shampoo cat and about the shampoo itself. Can you wash your cat with baby shampoo or What can you use to bathe a cat?  

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The answer is very simple, Yes! Now, why is it OK to wash my cat with baby shampoo? 

The baby shampoos are not made up of any harsh chemicals. Baby shampoos are good for skin and hair both. Cats are also sensitive in nature. Cats already do not like the whole process of bathing with water. If the shampoo is also added in the bath, cats hate it even more. So it is better to use a shampoo that is easy to rinse or better use a cat shampoo

How you bathe a cat is equally important question. While giving bath to a cat, her ears, eyes and mouth should never come in contact with shampoo, let it be any baby shampoo. If the shampoo is not quickly getting out of cat’s fur then the whole bathing process will prolong and cat would become either more scared or aggressive. Therefore, one should make sure that the quantity and quality of the shampoo is suitable for the purpose.

If one is giving bath to a cat with short hair, then very little quantity of shampoo is sufficient. But if the cat has double or triple coat then more shampoo is required. In certain cases, it is also possible that baby shampoo do not fulfill its purpose. As we know that baby shampoo is very mild and this is why its cleaning properties are less.

So, cat might not be thoroughly cleansed. If one is not happy with the results of baby shampoo after bath then it is better to purchase a good quality cat shampoo. Cat shampoos are also medicated to avoid any flea & ticks (or other parasites) in cat’s hair. The anti-flea shampoos for cats are not to be used regularly due to presence of very strong chemicals. Once cat is not having any fleas etc, the shampoo should be discontinued to use. This is the time when one could think about washing their cat with baby shampoo.You can get the best cat shampoo here.

For those who want to know the proper method of cleaning or washing their cat should watch this video. Also read about how to groom Persian cats.

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