Can Cats Get Cold?

Can Cats Get Cold?

During the winter season cats can get cold. A cat sneezing can be related to several different things. She might have sucked dust from the litter tray or might have some kind of allergy. Most people thing that the human cold can be transferred to cats which is wrong. Cats cold is separate and we cannot catch cold from them and vice versa. But you can find out about the cold by examining the following things.

  • If a cat’s nose is running
  • Has watery eyes
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Has a mild fever

can cats get cold?
You should monitor the above mentioned things and see if your cat has these things then she might be suffering from cold.
Like humans, cats also feel the cold. Their fur is not enough to protect them from the severe cold during the winter season. During the winter months you should keep your cat healthy by feeding her food which she likes so that she builds up energy and stays healthy, feed her canned food and also try giving her food which is nutritious and also has vitamins,  keep her warm and cozy by putting a blanket where she sleeps.
Cats will tend to sleep more when they are sick and this is the reason that they recover quite quickly from the sickness.

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